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Ramadan Menus for 30 Days

The sultan of 11 months has arrived. Welcome Ramadan!

Fasting is on you, menu suggestion is on us. We will put an end to your “what to cook” problem by preparing special menus for each day of Ramadan. Bon Appetit!

Ramadan Menus for 30 Days


The magnificent Cesm-i Nigar Soup that will warm you up with its flavor and soften your stomach at the iftar tables! With its seasoned sauce and hearty ingredients, Cesm-i Nigar Soup is perfect for immune boosting.

For the recipe: A Fabulous Soup; Cesm-i Nigar Soup


The magnificent Gullac recipe, which is longed for in Ottoman cuisine and iftar tables! Gullac, which is a light, easy to prepare and enjoyable dessert, will make you incredibly happy!

For the recipe: We Waited For You Eleven Months; Gullac


Pilaf is one of the indispensable dishes of Turkish cuisine. It also has many varieties. So much so that it is possible to find different and delicious rice recipes in every region of the country. One of them is Hasu, which is unique to Mardin. This Mardin rice, with its soft lamb meat and crispy almonds, is a recipe that everyone will love, not just Mardin residents.

For the recipe: Local Stuffed Rice; Hasu


We wanted to add a dessert suggestion that will meet your dessert needs and even make you wait for the next iftar with excitement, and of course Ankara Wrap was the first thing that came to mind!

For the recipe: Very Lightweight Too; Ankara Wrap

Garlic Flour Soup

Garlic flour soup with antibiotic effect that will strengthen your immunity and protect you against diseases like a shield during Ramadan days when fasting for long hours! Don’t miss out on this soup, which takes only 15 minutes to prepare and is healing for those who eat it.

For the recipe; Ready in 15 Minutes; Garlic Flour Soup 


After filling your stomach with a dense soup, it is useful to choose a dessert that is not too heavy. Today’s dessert is Haside.

For the recipe: A Delicious Dessert with 3 Ingredients; Haside

Eggplant Moussaka

Moussaka, one of the first dishes that comes to mind when it comes to eggplant dish, is a daily dish that you can often encounter on Turkish tables, as it is among the easy and delicious dishes to prepare.

For the recipe: One of the Most Delicious: Eggplant Moussaka


Kunefe is a dessert that is consumed fondly in Turkish culture and will surprise you with the cheese it contains. If you need a dessert that will steal everyone’s heart for iftar, you can make a künefe without thinking!

For the recipe: Legend of Sorbet Desserts; Kunefe


Mücver is an excellent meal suggestion to balance the nutritional rate your body needs and to make you feel less thirsty while fasting. It is both delicious and a storehouse of vitamins.

For the recipe: A Complete Vegetarian: Mucver

Izmir Bombasi

After filling your stomach, you need a wonderful dessert worthy of your mouth, and this dessert is of course Izmir Bombasi. It will go great with your tea with its awesome chocolate filling!

For the recipe: Happy Ending to Dessert Crisis; Izmir Bombasi

 Kidney Beans With Olive Oil

This recipe, which is rich in olive oil, iron and protein, is both nutritious and practical, is among the most preferred olive oil dishes in Turkish cuisine.

For the recipe: Queen of Olive Oil Dishes : Kidney Beans With Olive Oil

Chicken Breast

We accept that it surprises those who hear the name of chicken breast dessert, but it is a wonderful dessert that can be preferred for iftar tables.

For the recipe: Name Interesting Own Delicious; Chicken Breast

Kaytaz Pastry

Kaytaz pastry, one of the most popular flavors of Antakya cuisine, is perfect for those who like to consume meat and pastry together. Kaytaz pastry, which is very similar to lahmacun with hazelnut in terms of appearance and taste, is a candidate to be indispensable for iftar tables.

For the recipe: Meat and Dough Together; Kaytaz Pastry

Hapsa Dessert

Hapsa dessert, which belongs to Kahramanmaraş, is a light dessert believed to be good for mothers who have just given birth. We believe that Hapsa dessert will be good for all of us at the iftar table.

For the recipe: Hapsa Dessert

Tas Kebab

Even in the 18th century, when wealthy families wanted to hire a cook for their house, they had tas kebab made as a trial dish. This dish, which requires a lot of care but has a great taste, is a great option for your iftar table!

For the recipe; Food Every Day : Tas Kebab


Pepecura, which we can define as a practical and delicious dessert recipe with few ingredients, is also very light. Our special recommendation for those who do not want to consume more calories during Ramadan.

For the recipe; Those Who Don’t Try Will Regret; Pepecura

Kayseri Ravioli

Kayseri ravioli, one of the most famous dishes of Kayseri, is known as the most difficult but most enjoyable dish of Turkish cuisine. In other words, it will be a delicious choice for the iftar menu and it is also satisfying!

For the recipe; One Plate is Never Enough: Kayseri Ravioli

Sutlac (Rica Pudding)

Rice pudding, which you will happily consume regardless of summer or winter, will go great after kayseri ravioli.

For the recipe: The Most Beautiful of Milky Desserts; Rice Pudding (Sutlac)


Stuffed meatballs unique to Antep, Adana, Malatya and Maraş regions; may be a reason to move to these regions due to its taste, spice and aroma. Then think about this while preparing the menu for the 10th day.

For the recipe: You Don’t Have to Move to Antep: Kibbeh

Ashura (Asure)

What better idea could there be than consuming this dessert, which has a very spiritual meaning, during Ramadan?

For the recipe: Sweet of Unity And Togetherness; Asure(Ashura)


You won’t be able to get enough of the flavor! This delicious and easy to prepare Suzek recipe will leave a good taste on your palate.

For the recipe: Winter Meatballs from Gaziantep : Suzek


It is possible to make Şekerpare, which adorns the windows of the patisserie, at home. Especially if you have guests for the iftar table, we must say that they will love it!

For the recipe: Ornament of Bakeries; Sekerpare

Noodle Soup

Noodle soup is very rich in minerals and fiber. We are on the 12th day with the suggestion of a healing soup from Turkish cuisine that will warm you up.

For the recipe: Healing Like Mother Soup : Noodle Soup

Vezir Parmagi

Vezir Parmagi, one of the indispensables of sherbet desserts based on Ottoman cuisine, will cheer your palate.

For the recipe: Finger Feeds; Vezir Parmagi


The fodula recipe has reached Turkish cuisine from the rich menus of Ottoman cuisine. The name may sound interesting but the look is a masterpiece!

For the recipe: Another Dimension of Bread: Fodula

Hayrabolu Dessert

Hayrabolu Dessert, which is a wonderful flavor brought to the Thrace cuisine by the Rumelian immigrants, is a delicious dessert option for iftar.

For the recipe: Greetings to Thrace; Hayrabolu Dessert

Anali Kizli

Anali Kızlı is not a soup. A recipe with kibbeh, bulgur meatballs, chickpeas and meat, so it is very rich in vitamins.

For the recipe: From Generation to Generation : Anali Kizli

Babata Cake

We have a delicious recipe for those who are bored with classic cake recipes. It’s not too late to discover Babata Cake. This cake, which belongs to Eskisehir, will make you and your guests very happy!

For the recipe: For Those Who Want Difference; Babata Cake

Curtain Pilaf

If you haven’t tried the curtain pilaf recipe, which is a bit troublesome but useful, you may be missing out on a lot. Can you think of a better rice with chicken broth and almond butter?

For the recipe: A Legendary Taste ; Curtain Pilaf


Samsades will be your favorite with its filling consisting of unsalted curd cheese, cinnamon and sugar, thin dough and crispy fried texture.

For the recipe: Favorite of Seferihisar; Samsades

Fellah Balls

Fellah balls, which have a very high carbohydrate and potassium ratio, can also be called the most delicious form of bulgur.

For the recipe: The Most Delicious Form of Bulgur: Fellah Balls

Stuffed Kadayif

Used in many desserts, kadayif has always had a fascinating flavor when combined with sherbet. While you are halfway through Ramadan, you can reward yourself with stuffed kadayif…

For the recipe: Its taste Will Not be Forgotten; Stuffed Kadayif

Kapuska with Olive Oil

Prepare this recipe and put it in front of someone who does not like cabbage, we are sure that all the distances to cabbage will have already been lifted. It adds flavor to the flavor of cabbage, especially when cooked with olive oil. Moreover, it is extremely nutritious and a storehouse of vitamins.

For the recipe: Top of Cabbage: Kapuska with Olive Oil

Semolina Halva with Milk

There are many varieties of halva. Among them, semolina halva with milk is quite delicious and very easy to make. If you think there should be flour in halvah, this recipe is for you!

For the recipe: Semolina Halva with Milk


Although siron, which is one of the popular tastes of Eastern Black Sea cuisine, may seem like a difficult pastry at first glance, we can say that you will have a lot of fun while making it. Also a great option for iftar!

For the recipe: You Will Be Hypnotized: Siron


We chose Zerde as the dessert for tonight, as we thought it would be better to combine it with a dessert that is not too heavy. After your stomach is full, you can enjoy your light dessert.

For the recipe: Saffron Dessert; Zerde


We wanted to propose a celebratory dinner as we reached the middle of Ramadan. Keskek, which is made frequently on special occasions, will make everyone happy at the iftar table…

For the recipe: Traditional Wedding Dinner: Keskek

Gullac Sarma

It will be great to include one of the indispensables of Ramadan after the celebration dinner. Gullac, identified with Ramadan, is in a different form this time!

For the recipe: Try Gullac Like This; Gullac Sarma

Ankara Pan

In fact, the Ankara Pan recipe is a kind of meat pilaf. White rice is replaced by barley vermicelli, which you are accustomed to seeing in soups in this recipe. It is an extremely delicious and satisfying suggestion.

For the recipe: Flavor From the Capital: Ankara Pan


Zulbiye dessert is actually a Ramadan dessert. It is also possible to make this dessert at home, which adorns the streets of Izmir every year during Ramadan. Because once you taste it, you may not want to wait for the next Ramadan.

For the recipe: Sultan of Ramadan; Zulbiye 

Sihil Mahsi (The King of Stuffed)

A flavor unique to Hatay cuisine, sihil mahsi is a different version of stuffed zucchini with olive oil. The sihil mahsi, which is very popular in the southeast, is prepared by carving and frying zucchini.

For the recipe: From the Royal Family: Sihil Mahsi (The King of Stuffed)


Kerebic has a completely different presentation and taste with its foam resembling whipped cream. It may seem very complicated to do, don’t be intimidated.

For the recipe: A Different Cookie; Kerebic

Veiled Pilaf

Veiled pilaf, known to be served at weddings, takes its name from a tradition in the wedding ceremony. Optionally, the side or top of the pilaf can be filled with ground meat.

For the recipe: Another Wedding Dinner: Veiled Pilaf


We call it cheese elegance, but let there be no misunderstanding. You don’t use cheese when making Hosmerim. By using rennet, you will get a different flavor, also known as cheese halva.

For the recipe: The Elegance of Cheese; Hosmerim

Belen Pan

Belen pan, one of the most delicious recipes of Hatay cuisine, is spread all over the country. This flavor, named after the Belen district of Hatay, is an easy to make and very satisfying recipe.

For the recipe: Tasty, Easy and Satisfying; Belen Pan

Fabulous Taste; Hanimgobegi

You will love the hanimgobegi dessert, which is similar to sekerpare dessert. Our new recipe for dessert lovers is hanimgobegi! Moreover, each dessert is only 69 calories!

For the recipe: Fabulous Taste; Hanimgobegi

Simit Kebab

Simit kebab, a dish of Gaziantep region, is prepared with fine bulgur and ground beef. Since it contains plenty of protein, it supports muscle development. Simit kebab is usually served with fried lavash, so it adds flavor. This dish is known as oruk kebab in some regions.

For the recipe: Don’t Be Fooled By The Name; Simit Kebab

Fig Sleep

Figs, originating from Asian and Mediterranean countries, are generally used in making desserts and jams. This fruit, which is mostly grown in the Aegean Region in Turkey, is very rich in vitamins. It is consumed fresh or dried. In addition to renewing cells, it also develops muscle tissues.

For the recipe: Both Easy and Sugar Free; Fig Sleep


The origin of Alinazik, one of the delicious dishes of Gaziantep cuisine, dates back to the Ottoman Empire. If you want to add a different taste to your table, you should definitely try Alinazik kebab.

For the recipe: Appetizing; Alinazik

Artichoke Dessert

We can guarantee that it is a perfect dessert that you will say why you have not tried it before.

For the recipe: Mysterious Taste; Artichoke Dessert

Edirne Pan

Edirne Pan; It is unique to Edirne region with its material, construction, mastery and service. Edirne pan is also known as “leaf liver” in the region.

For the recipe: Like Leaves But Flesh; Edirne Pan


Keskul is a nutritious dessert that can be prepared at home with its easy preparation and deep meanings.

For the recipe: Ottoman Heritage; Keskul

Beyran Soup

Beyran Soup is a famous Antep dish prepared with lamb. This soup, which is preferred especially in the winter months, has a very high protein value.

For the recipe: Healing from Gaziantep; Beyran Soup

Umac Halva

Umac Halva is an incredibly easy-to-prepare halva. If you need to prepare dessert at the last minute Umac Halva is for you!

For the recipe: The Kitchen is Celebrating; Umac Halva

Meat Stew with Cherry

Since Turkish cuisine has hosted different cultures for centuries, the food culture is also quite developed.

For the recipe: Flavor from the Ottoman Empire; Meat Stew with Cherry

Ice Cream

Today I will describe how you can make Kahramanmaras‘s famous ice cream, which spreads like chewing gum and spreads milk flavor, at home.

For the recipe: Worthy of the Name of Kahramanmaras; Ice Cream


Tantuni is one of the famous dishes of Mersin. It is possible to make this dish at home, which you can easily find in restaurants and mobile stalls all over Turkey.

For the recipe: The Famous Taste Of The Street; Tantuni


The dessert recipe that has left the country in awe of its taste: Nevzine! This dessert, where the sweet taste of tahini meets with syrup with molasses, must be tried in every kitchen. It is certain that it will become one of your favorite recipes after trying it once.

For the recipe: Halva Was Jealous; Nevzine


Pilaf is one of the indispensable dishes of Turkish cuisine. It also has many varieties. So much so that it is possible to find different and delicious rice recipes in every region of the country. One of them is Hasu, which is unique to Mardin. This Mardin rice, with its soft lamb meat and crispy almonds, is a recipe that everyone will love, not just Mardin residents.

For the recipe: Local Stuffed Rice; Hasu


Prepared with a mixture of sugar and starch, Paluze meets the amount of energy needed by the body despite its high sugar value.

For the recipe: Ottoman Jelly; Paluze

Saksi Kebab

Saksi Kebab, which has an average of 250 calories per serving, has a great taste and is diet friendly. Let’s also say that Saksi Kebab is one of the most precious recipes of Turkish cuisine.

For the recipe: Taste Guarantee; Saksi Kebab

Bici Bici

The bici bici recipe, which will be indispensable in hot weather, is made with ice. By meeting with sweet rose water prepared with a starchy milk-free pudding, it gains a deliciously refreshing feature.

For the recipe: A Taste of Ice; Bici Bici 

If you are interested in  Turkish Food and Turkish Desserts, we are with you with delicious recipes in the Food & Beverage category. Stay tuned.

If you are wondering about iftar and sahur times, we have an article for you; Ramadan opportunity 2022: When are the iftar and sahur times in Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara, provinces?

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