Work Permit

Work and Residence Permit Fees for 2022 in Turkey


In accordance with Public Notification of Charges published in Official Gazette (No: 31696 21 Dec 2021) Work and Residence Permit fee schedule has been updated as below.

Temporary Work Permit CertificateUp to 1 year (1 year included)1.386,20  TL160,00 TL
Indefinite Work Permit Certificate13.867,40 TL160,00 TL
Independent Work Permit Certificate13.867,40 TL160,00 TL

Note: For more than one year’s permit, a fee of 1.386,20 TL is taken for per year.

Residence Permit Card Fee160,00 TL
Fee for  Single Entry Visa1033,60 TL
Residence Permit Fees can be changed according to the nation of foreigners. Look at the table below
Residence Permit Fees
First Month 133,00 Turkish Liras, Remaining Months 88,00Turkish Liras

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Currently no change has been announced about the monthly residence permit fees applicable on the basis of reciprocity principle. However as per section 6 of public notification of charges, dated 30. Dec. 2014, daily fees, monthly fees and maximum, minimum amounts are determined as below (Applicable to the nationals of Serbia, Norway, Fiji, K. Marino and Chile). For up to dated information please consult to nearest local police department’s aliens’ branch. The below fee schedule is for informational purposes only, please consider that there might be changes in the fee schedule or in the structure of the table below.

2015 RESIDENCE PERMIT FEESOTHER COUNTRIESAlbaniaPhilippinesIsraelJapanCambodiaMacedoniaMaliOmanTajikistanBelgiumBelarusAlgeriaSpainKuwaitJordanLuxembourgMaltaSingaporeTaiwanEthiopiaSouth KoreaHong KongMicronesiaRussiaMoroccoIvory CoastIraqMontenegroEgyptTunisiaSerbiaFijiNorwayChileK. Marino
DAILY FEES1 $0.5 $0.4 $0.3 $0.2 $14,00 TL
MINIMUM MAXIMUM10-25 $5-14 $4-9 $3-7 $2-5 $26,10-133,00 TL
FIRST MONTH25 $14 $9 $7 $5 $133,00 TL
REMAINING MONTHS5 $3.5 $2.5 $1.5 $0.5 $88,00 TL


Austrian citizens married to Turkish citizens are exempted from residence permit fees
German citizens who are married to Turkish citizens and the children are exempted from Residence Permit fee.

Last Update: 30.12.2021

Ministry of Labor and Social Security, Department of Work Permits of Foreigners –
Ministry of Interior, Directorate General of Migration Management –
Public notification of charges (Official Gazette No: 31696, 21 Dec 2021)

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  1. Hello, I am a UK citizen. If I apply for a 1 year residency permit must I have $12,000USD in my bank account? I read applicants should have $1000USD for each month of their stay.

    I would like to stay in Turkey for about 8 months. Should I have $8,000 or $12,000?

    Also, for the accommodation, can I use an airbnb accommodation or should I find something more official?

    Thank you very much for considering my questions.

    1. Hello,

      For the residence permit application you should have a rental contract on your name, if the owner of airbnb accommodation could conclude a rental contract with you, there is no obstacles to apply for the process then. In regards of bank account statement, for 8 months of residence permit application, 8000 USD will be sufficient.

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    1. Hello,

      For detailed information in regards of expenses and residence permit process, Kindly ask you to contact us by 4447284.

      Thank you,

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  3. Merhaba/Salam,

    I have a couple of very quick questions about 1-2 year residence permit. 

    I understand the rules for myself. The $12000 usd and renting an apartment in Antalya, I shouldn’t have any issues. My question is for my girlfriend. We are not officially married, but have been together for multiple years. 

    1) Do I have to put her name on the rental agreement for our apartment or is this not necessary?
    2) Does she also need $12000 usd in another account or can we both use my account for the $12000 usd? So, do we need $24000 or can we use $12000 together?

    Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. 



    1. Hello,

      As you are not officially married, that is why her name should be also added to the rental contract. In regards of bank statement, in case if immigration officer will request for it, it should be on your girlfriend’s name.

      Thank you,

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  4. Hello,
    I was having a tourist visa , my wife and the kids as well, now I got work permit the expire date is after 5 months the tourist RP for me and my kids it will expire after 1 month , now I got confused , which visa I apply for them , and can I applay for them 1 year or it should be 5 months same like my work permit, is there fees same like the tourist RP if I made RP for family.

    Please advice

    1. Hello,

      You can apply for family residence permit for your family members, the duration of their residence permit will be issued according to the expiry date of your work permit card as they will be dependent on your work permit.

      Thank you,

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      1. Hello, I am coming to Turkey for about 3 months and qualified for e visa. I’m told to apply for e visa then apply for resident permit when I am in Turkey. Kindly could you tell me how to apply for it when in Turkey. Do I do it online? Visit an office? And how much will it cost? I am a Kenyan citizen

        1. Hello,

          To get a residence permit in Turkey, firstly you would need to fill an application form at immigration system, get an appointment date and submit the list of required documents to the immigration office on appointment date. If you need an assistance with the residence permit application, kindly ask you to contact us by 4447284 and we will be glad to assist you with process.

          Thank you,

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          1. Thank you so much. Sorry for the late response just seeing this now. Very helpful. I will give you a call.

          2. Hello, is this a landline or mobile number? Wants the area code I need to add because I’m calling internationally

          3. Hello, if you want to reach via watsapp, you can use this number: +90 532 549 60 99

  5. Hi I’m from Indonesia, I couldn’t wait my residence permit process because of urgent matter in my country and I have to go back immediately, so I overstayed for 25 days, how much is the fine ? I hope I will not get banned from this country 

    1. Hello,

      The exact amount of the fine, you can learn at the Visa Violation Office of airport.

      Thank you,

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  6. Hi, I am swedish and have overstayed my 90 days in turkey. I wasn’t able to apply for residence permit because the date I got for it is after the date I leave. How much will it cost? I overstayed by 60 days.

    1. Hi,

      The penalty will be calculated by the customs officer on your departure day, you may contact visa violation office of airport to check with them.

      Kind Regards,

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  7. Hi, My husband thought that Moroccans can stay for longer than 90 days because there was no 90 day visa stamp in his passport. There was only has a stamp in his passport that shows the date of his entry. So he has overstayed his 90 day tourist visa by almost three months. He is flying back to Morroco tomorrow. How much will he have to pay in overstay fees? Can he return after 2 weeks since it has been 180 days?

    1. Hi,

      The penalty will be calculated by the customs officer on your departure day, you may contact visa violation office of airport to check with them.

      Kind Regards,

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  8. Good morning! I am Ukrainian,how much fee maximum should i pay for overstaying 15-30 days. Thank you

    1. Hello,
      Official amount of fine for Urkarinian citizens is 2 USD per each day of overstaying. Please, be informed that final decision on the amount of fine will be taken by customs at the airport and it can differ from official amounts.

      Kind Regards,

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  9. Hello, i am albanian and my residence permit got 3 times rejected. Its been 6 month since i got the last rejecton. How much is my penalty? And if i pay can i stay again in turkey?

    1. Hello,
      Foreigners must leave Turkey within 10 days upon rejection of residence permit application. While leaving Turkey you will need to pay a fine, which for citizens of Albania is 28 USD for first month and 7 USD for every following month of overstay. Please, be informed that final decision on the amount of fine will be taken by customs at the airport and it can differ from official amounts. It is not possible to reapply for residence permit without leaving and reentering Turkey. You should stay abroad for at least three months in order to reenter Turkey and apply for residence permit.

      Kind Regards,

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  10. Hi, I am Bulgarian citizen and because of some circumstances I am going to overstay my 3 months visa for 30 days. How much will be the fine? will I get banned from turkey?

    1. Hello,
      Official amount of fine for Bulgarian citizens for first month is 50 USD. Please, be informed that final decision on the amount of fine will be taken by customs at the airport and it can differ from official amounts. You can read more about fines for overstaying in our article below:
      The consequences of overstaying in Turkey

      Best Regards,

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  11. Good morning. I’m a Nigerian. My resident permit expired July and I have given an agent to help me apply a month before the expiration. I got to know that the agent didn’t book until august and my resident has already expired. He later posted the application on November. I have been calling 157 and they always tell me it’s on process. I have been to the immigration many times and I was told to wait for message and still I don’t get message. It’s more than 100 days from the date my application was posted to the ptt. I’m confused and I want to leave the country. I want to know which stamp will be on my passport at the airport but I’m aware that a fine needs to be paid at the airport and I’m ready to pay. What’s the possibility of me getting a visa to come to turkey?

    1. Hello,
      If you will pay the fine for overstaying while leaving Turkey you will not be banned to reenter the country. You should stay out of Turkey for at least three months before you can reenter with new visa. Unfortunately we can not know if the overstay will have an influence on your future visa application as every case is evaluated individually. Offcial time of evaluation for residence permit applications is 90 days, we recommend you to stay in Turkey if possible until receiving the result to avoid any difficulties with obtaining visa in the future.

      Kind Regards,

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  12. Hi, thank you for such an informative site. I am a Belgian who would like to apply for a 3 month residence permit on top of the 90 days allowed, for touristic purposes. How much would I need to pay to do this please? Thank you.

    1. Hello,
      Amount of fees for three month residence permit for citizens of Belgium is 14 USD + 125 TL card fee. Apart of this fee you will olso need to purchase a health insurance policy within Turkey, cost of which depends on your age and the coverage.

      Best Regards,

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  13. Hi,
    What is the TRC ( urgent ) charges announced by the Govt?
    And can a foreigner directly apply without any agents help ?

    1. Hello,
      Residence permit fees depend on your nationality. Amounts of fees in chart above are up to date. Foreigners can apply for residence permit without using services of any agent, there is no restriction to apply through agency.

      Kind Regards,

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  14. After Applying for TRP in Istanbul approx. how much time it will take for red card and after applying can i go back to my country without receiving red card. and come back again to receive it.

    1. Hello,
      In Istanbul currently it takes approximately 3-4 months to receive residence permit card. You should stay within Turkey during the application process otherwise your application might be cancelled.

      Kind Regards,

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  15. Pls let me know what is expense will cm for Indian women trc and wrk permit and which papers is Requair with lira

    1. Hello,

      Cost of one year residence permit for citizens of India is 80 USD + 125 TL card fee. Apart of this cost you need to purchase a health insurance within Turkey, cost of which depends on your age and the coverage. You will also need a notarized address statement, notary fee for such a document is approximately 60-80 TL per page. Cost of one year work permit is 1017,80 TL + 125 TL card fee. In order to obtain work permit, first you need to find a job in Turkey and your future employer must apply for your work permit. Foreigners can not apply for work permit in their own name or without having a job in Turkey. Application for foreigner who has residence permit valid in total for at least 6 months can be done within Turkey. For foreigners who are not residence permit holders, application must be done via Turkish Consulate in their home country.

      Kind Regards,

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    1. Hello,
      Foreigners are allowed to establish a business in Turkey with minimum registered capital of 10.000 TL, however in order to obtain work permit as a company owner paid capital must be at least 100.000 TL and you must employ 5 Turkish citizens per each foreigner in the company. You do not need any documents from your home country to establish a company in Turkey, translation of your passport and biometric photograph would be enough. All of the other required documents must be prepared by licensed financial advisor.

      Kind Regards,

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  16. Hello,
    I have Danish passport but I will open my company in Turkey.
    Can you please guide me to what I should do and where to start.
    Is it better for me to apply for residency in Turkey first?

    Thank you in advance.

  17. Hello Dear sir/madam, I have applied to extend my work permit as it expired in 9 July and I have been waiting for my result from labour ministry of Turkey about two months, at this time I have to leave the country for some issues. By this time if I cancel my work permit process what will happen when I want to leave the territory or should I wait until my result will be clarified? If I should cancel it how is it possible and can I go and come back to Turkey without any problems or ban from re-entring to Turkey?

    Thank you in advance, I look forward for your kind response.

  18. I was born in 1947 and so my age never appears on the charts pf fees for insurance for residency permit. Can you please assist me? I live in Istanbul.
    Thank you so much.

    Mary E Batchelder

  19. Hello. My Family residence permit expired last Feb.25,2020. And my work permit is only valid until August 31,2020. Should i apply for a new residence permit or apply for a renewal? Your thought and help will be highly appreciated. Thank you!

  20. Good day sir , am Moledy from Nigeria I willing to travel to turkey for work,pls I need ur guidance ,how much will it cost me and is it possible for me to get work in Turkey ,I only have ND in mass communication, please put me through,may I can embark on the hustling journey. Be the can Nigerian travel to Turkey for now

  21. Hi Sirs,

    What is the overstay fee/ban for a Russian citizen overstaying by 60 days on their 60 day visa exemption (so 120 days in total) please? Thanks.

  22. Sir, I want to stay in Turkey when I am retirement . Do I need put money on the bank for prove or is a document enough that I have incomes for my pension
    Thank u

  23. Hi,
    I am from Pakistan, planning to open a restaurant in Istanbul, what are the requirements, procedures and fees related to open a company/restaurant and get the permits.
    Thanking you

  24. My one-year residence permit renewal after completing my masters ends next month, however, the university I want to further my education in will open applications in September. How do I stay in Turkey and get admission in September? Is it possible? Can I apply for tourism residence permit?

  25. Hello, does the residence permit have to be issued within the same province/city where I will apply for work permit? What should I do if I want to work in another city?

  26. Dear Concerned,

    Hello I am a doctor from Bangladesh. I am going to migrate Turkey soon with my family. I would like to know the details about residence permit & work permit of Turkey.

    1. Is it possible to apply for 1 year temporary resident permit from my country?

    2. If possible what is the cost & procedure?

    3. After 1 year expiration is it possible to reapply for temporary residence permit?

    4. What is the procedure to get a job for the foreign doctors in Turkey?

    5. Is it possible to work for me & my family in temporary resident permit?

  27. I’ll receive my master’s degree from a Turkish university next month and my student residence permit will expire in October. How can I extend my residence permit for another year so that I have enough time to find a job?

  28. Pleasecan I get your WhatsApp to discuss some issues with you..

  29. Dear Sir,
    What would be the total amount of fee and other costs for Serbian citizen for 1 year residence permit?

  30. Hello,
    I’m from Germany. I entered Turkey on February 15 and after a month I appled for the residence and had an appointment in My. Unfortunatly the lockdown started in the middle of March and my appointment had been delayed till august. Then I recieved a message tellig me that my appointment had been changed to July 24 and to apply my documents by post. Now I have to go back to my country for an emergency before my application deadline and then come back to Turkey again. My question is can I go and come back here without any problems or ban from re-entring Turkey? And if I should pay any fine for overstaying the residence, how much will be the cost? My last question is, will it make a difference if I departure Turkey by plain or a car?

  31. Hello Sir i am from Pakistan anf i am looking for job in turkey on visit visa kindly guide me the whole process so that i can go there on visit visa and can work there…and do let me know the total expense and bank statement etc…
    Thank you in advance

  32. I want to invest in Turkey under the citizenship program. I have my husband, myself, elder son 21 years old, younger son 17 years old ( he will be 18 years in November 2020) and my mother who is 65 years old. Will I get residence permit for my elder son and mother also under the family residence visa? I am from India and we were supposed to come in mid March 2020 but because of the pandemic couldn’t and now our visas have also expired. Can you please guide.. Thanks

  33. I intend to buy a property in Alanya, Turkey. I am a Canadian Citizen. What is the procedure and fee to get a resident permit for Canadians. Please advise.

  34. Dear Sir,
    I m from Pakistan and i want to settle in Turkey with my husband. please guide me what should i do to get an immediate job and residential permit. actually how much money i need on the first place?

  35. Hi,

    I have purchased a property in Turkey.

    I am trying to understand the entire charges for a short term residency permit to the government. I am from Pakistan.

  36. 1. If I and my friend both purchased a property in Istanbul less then 2,50,000
    Then we both go Resident permit with our children and wife .

    2. And can we renew our Resident permit every year with our family

    3. And can we go for P.R with this procedure.

    3. If no then What are possibilities …??


  37. Hi. I overstayed in turkey for 2 years and when i left the country they banned me on 5 years entrance in Turkey or i apply for VISA and paying the fee of around 1000TL. Now if i want to come back to Turkey and pay that amount of money, can i apply for residence and work permit immediately and what’s the procedure of getting resident card, how long it takes?

  38. I’m from jordan and I been here in turkey istanbul for 10 now and In 2 more months I have to renew my residence card and I was wondering would it by less money to renew it than when I first made it and how much would it cost me. And when I first made my residence card for 1 year I also paid a visa tax to my home country which is Jordan and do I have to pay that tax again when I renew my residence card for 1 year??

  39. Dear sir
    I want to ask i am a pakistani after obtain a turkish Trc can i apply visit visa for any country from turkey ?

  40. Kindly tell me
    If i come on visit visa in turkey then i will take trc for one year during this period of one year how can i get work permit with minimum amount to drive a taxi or to do any similar work

  41. You said 250.000 USD is needed to get citizenship on an investment basis. Is it 250k or 250 USD. The decimal after 250 is really confusing. Also, will I be able to get the residence permit if I am making a small investment like a small cafe shop or something else? As you mentioned several invalid reasons to extend your visa how can one be able to find a job and get a work permit if you don’t get a tourist residence card at the first place?

  42. I just want to know ، how to purchase an apartment in Istanbul ?

    I want to open a beauty salon in Turkey ?
    And I want Turkish citizenship ?

    Please guide me ۔ please

  43. Hi,

    I am an Ethiopian young woman. I have an online steady job which makes it easier for me to travel anywhere with good income. I want to live in Turkey as it is the best place for me that checks all the requirements. And I would like to purchase a property too but after I get to know Turkey more. As I want to live for a long term and open a business. So I chose Turkey first. What are the best places to live for me? How can I get a residence permit? And what are the requirements to purchase a property?

  44. Dear Sir,
    I am in process of buying one apartment in Istanbul to send my wife and 2 Children ( aged 9Years and 14Years ). Children will study there.
    The information i have is that my family will get one year residency visa and this visa is renewable each year as long as we want without limitation.
    The information i need :

    1. How much residency visa will cost for each
    2. How much is renewal cost each year
    3. Is there any visa longer than 1 year
    4. Children can study there on this residency visa?
    5. How much does it cost school fee?
    6. How about getting water, electricity and gas to apartment?
    7. How much health insurance cost?
    8.Where to apply for visa and what papers i have to attach with visa application.

    Your kind guidance shall be highly appreciated.

    Thanks and Regards,


  45. Dear Sir,
    I am Indian living in UAE. I am buying apartment in Turkey Istanbul. I want to send my family wife + 2Kids to istanbul to live there and children to study. can you please guide how much would it cost residence permit visa. How much would it cost to renew each year. is there any other visa longer than 1 year?
    Thanks in advance.

  46. My fiance is currently living in Istanbul. He is originally from Nigeria. His permanent resident card is finished in May,he needs to.renew it. How.much would it be to.renew it, i need to know in usd.

  47. Hello dear, I’m from The Gambia. I’m planning to travel to Turkey for work. I please wants to know how much is it cost for me to obtain a resident permit in Dollars. I also wants to know the documents required for me to have a resident permit please?

  48. Hi, how much should l have in my turkish bank account to apply for 1yr residence permit ? Also can l apply for the permit if my rent house contract is not in my name ?

  49. Hi,

    Can you please suggest me how to find job opportunity in turkey.. if we need to start small shop or any business what are the steps…

  50. Hi…

    Please I live in Nigeria and would like to migrate to Turkey.
    My questions are…
    i) where is the best place for a skilled foreigner to live in terms of getting a job?
    ii) can one get a job with just residence permit?

    Thanks for your answers we be appreciated.

  51. I am born in Uganda , currently working in Baharain how can you help me to obtain Turkey working Visa?And I thank you for your work plz

  52. I have a company here in Turkey and I want to apply for my working permit but they said I can’t apply because there is a general problem for working permit

  53. I want to know the cost of work and resident permit for a Ghanaian who wants to have a long term stay like 1year in Turkey

  54. What is the news about renewing short-term residence permits? I tried renewing it and it’s asking the information same as before nothing special as I heard we won’t be able to extend it anymore, did anyone applied and got rejected recently? My permit is expiring on March 20, 2020, what can I do?

  55. it doesnt mention the fees for Pakistanis for the short term residency, since they vary from country to country and I cant seem to find them anywhere on the internet.
    Any idea? Thaks!

  56. After obtaining rp from Istanbul is there any no’s. of days required to remain in Istanbul or its just a visa to enter and exit freely

  57. I had a residence permit that expired 2 years ago and I want to renew it for this year. Do I apply for a new one or what is the procedure?

    Best Regards,

  58. Hello,

    I would like to ask if citizens of the Czech Republic are still exempt from visa fees in 2020 for the 1-year short-term residence permit.

    Thank you.

  59. I am hitched to a Dubai resident, am despite everything I subject to every one of the conditions and charge’s included. I’m presently living with my significant other in Istanbul on a multi day visa, bless your heart.

  60. Hello
    I am married to a Turkish citizen, am i still subject to all the conditions and fee’s involved. I’m now living with my wife in Istanbul on a 90 day visa, thank you.

  61. Hello sir i want to ask a question, i am in Istanbul having residence permit but not i want to renew it , do i need to get tax no. Again? And ressidence permit card notary is needed or just passport

  62. Hello Sir,
    I am a Cameroonian living in Istanbul as a student. I finished school and applied for a short term residence. so it took some time and i did not receive any message from immigration. I decided to go and find out at the emigration office. So an officer told me that my application was canceled because I did not apply two months before the expiration date. but however, I applied a month earlier to the expiration date. Please, what can I do at this moment?

  63. Hello sir i want to ask a question, i am in Istanbul having residence permit but not i want to renew it , do i need to get tax no. Again? And ressidence permit card notary is needed or just passport.

  64. Hi sir If I stay 10 days more then exceed days my nationality is Afghanistan and I am living in sweden how much should I pay thanks

  65. Hi sir I have a question about Visa I booked a ticket for one month and 10 day but in my Visa I can not stay more than 30 days . What should I do? Thank you my nationality is Afghanistan and I am living in sweden

  66. Hi sir I have a question about Visa I booked a ticket for one month and 10 day but in my Visa I can not stay more than 30 days . What should I do? Thank you

  67. Hi . I’m getting really confused with all the details…basically I want to stay longer than 90 day in 90 out.
    I want to apply for short term residents visa.? I’ve put down to rent place in marmaris for 6 mths…how much do I pay for short term residency …I’m confused with all the information…just need simple information.

  68. Hello!
    I will be resuming to school next week from Nigeria to Tokat,Turkey.
    And I would like to know the amount for the Residence permit and health insurance.
    Thank you!

  69. Is the permanent residence interview always in Turkish or will it depend on the region where the application is been submitted. And if I have a Schengen visa on my passport can I apply for the Turkey E-visa as a Nigerian. After having the working permit can I do business like exporting goods outside Turkey. Also when I have the residence permit can I invite my family immediately. I’m sorry for the many question. Thank you

  70. Hello sir! I have questions that, i am living in Istanbul but now i want to renew my ressidence permit,
    1. Do i need to submit new next year rental contract or previous one which i gave in my first application because i am living in same address given before and contract is still valid.
    2. If i am having previous health
    Insurance which is not expire yet thn shall i get new with next year date?
    Thanks in advance

  71. Aoa
    I m nationality of pakistan and now im living in lahore. I want a turkey work permit visa how?
    And my 2nd question is how to apply residence permit of turkey directly because travel agency is very high demand for applying residence.. Thnkx anyone support me

  72. Hello sir!
    I am a Pakistani living in Istanbul since January 2019 and having 1 year Turkish residence permit which will be expire in January. My question is, how many months before of expiration i have to apply for renewal and which documents i need to submit along my application.

  73. Hi
    I am a maldivian. I am planning to go turkey for two years study program.
    If i want to take my spouse and child with me what visa should they need to apply?
    What would be the amount/sum for maldivians?
    Is bank statement mandatory? If yes, how much sum/amount do we need to show them for two years?
    Does my child get free education in a public school?

  74. Hello.

    If I purchase a property in Turkey, then will it be enough for applying for a resident permit? Do I have to prove my income as you mention bellow i.e. 500 USD per each month of my stay = 6000 USD for one year?

    Thank you,

  75. Hi,
    I am Pakistani National, and want to get nationality of turkey with my family. Also I want to start business of export of fabrics. where as my wife is scientist and a professor. kindly email me the details and expected expense for the same

  76. Hello sir, how are you. Anyway I will like to ask regarding the work permit. I have a turkey students visa and it’s expiry date is 90 days, what I need to know is that after applying a resident permit, can I visit my family in Africa and come back to turkey during my school holidays. since the expiry date for my visa is short term and only single entry.

  77. Hello,sir I have tourist visa of turkey and if I stay in Turkey what is rule of TR and fees of my one year stay card

  78. Hello,

    Thank you for helping us know the exact procedure and requirements for us to do such a critical thing.

    But is there a chance for the residence permit to be refused even if you met all the requirements and did all the procedure correctly, let’s say refused because of Nationality or something else?
    I am from Palestine and my plan is to buy a property but not until I learn the language and get to know the country so that would take months so what I thought is I could get residence permit and take my time to know the country then decide what’s the best place and all that, but all my plan would be ruined if the residence permit got rejected, so is it possible for it to get rejected even after meeting all the criteria?

    Thank you

  79. merhaba, i want to ask something about ikamet. i already applied and I need to pay for the fees. so where can i pay the fee because i can’t pay online. thank you very much.

  80. Dear Sir, I am live in Pakistan at Karachi. How can I apply Permanente residence in Turkey. Please advise.

  81. Hi,

    Would like to ask following questions.
    1. What reason should we give during interview if they ask why do we need PR?
    2. Is bank statement mandatory? If yes, do we need to submit last 6 months bank statement from the bank of our home country?
    3. How much sum/amount do we need to show them for one year? (considering permit validity 01 year)



  82. Hello,

    I’m a tourist from the countries on the List C, can I apply for the residence permit with E-visa? or do I have to apply only with paper visa?

    Best Regards,

  83. Hello,

    I hope this message find you in good health.

    I am thinking to permanently settle in Turkey and have some query regarding Resident Permit. If I, purchase a property in Istanbul then will it be enough for applying resident permit and what is the minimum investment required to purchase a property in order to be eligible for resident permit. If I, have the resident permit under property purchase clause then am I eligible to do business by forming a company?

    Please reply and acknowledge.

    Kind Regards,

  84. Hello again.. asking for a friend this time,
    We want to know how to get work visa and residence permit, do we have to come to turkey in a tourist visa and then apply for residence permit and work Visa/permit after?? And what abbit the insurance… Indian insurance would work for it?
    Any more important info will be good,
    Thank you

  85. Hello there. Is it possible for a foreigner with North Cypriot work permit to go to mainland Turkey to look for work? Or a new work permit will be required in Turkey?


  86. hey,
    I want to ask can Turkey allow a Pakistani Engineer to shift family and assets in Turkey?
    I am Iqama holder Engineer in Saudi Arabia but now want to shift in Turkey

  87. Hello,
    I’m graduating in July and will have to wait for a month to get my diploma .My ikamet is expiring in 2 days and unfortunately my passport is also expiring in 2 months (19August)so I can’t renew my ikamet.i Will leave Turkey in the beginning of August so my question is how much will I pay as a fine at the airport while leaving ? I’m from Mali

  88. Thank you so much for your information and assistance! I really appreciate your services. One last question to my previous comment (regarding obtaining the residency permit) Do I just need a mailing address in Turkey or will the office need to see a rental contract? How “official” must this rental contract be? I have friends in Antalya who I will live with at least in the beginning of my move. Is this acceptable or must I show a financial agreement between myself and a Turkish landlord? Thanks again for your help!

  89. Hello,
    I am an American interested in living and working long-term in Turkey. I am an English teacher and plan on applying at language schools. Currently I do not have any job offers but think it would be best to go find work in person. I currently have a tourism e-visa, as I was just in Turkey from May 1-22 this year. I have read in order to get a residence permit, it must be done within the first 30 days of being in Turkey…is this true? If so, that means I must enter turkey, open a bank account, sign a 1 year rental contract and 1 year health insurance, go to the residency office 1-3 days before my appointment to register the address… all in 8 days of being there? I have 90 days total tourism allowed but I am unsure if the first 30 days at critical. After getting the residency permit I will look for work. If I get a job offer my employer and I can then both begin the work visa application while I am in Turkey? (I do not have to go back to the USA) and must it be after 6 months of living in Turkey or is it 6 months (or more) left on my residency permit? Thank you kindly in advance for your advise!!

  90. Please can u recommend a genuine agent that can get help me with resident permit in Turkey?

  91. Hello

    I’m Pram an Indonesian. now i’m in Istanbul my visa is only 3 months and but my internship is only for 1 year. so i would like to make residence permit.
    – How much will my residence permit cost?

  92. Please I wan to know the cost of obtaining a One year or 6 months residence permit with a tourist visa, I am a Nigerian citizen

  93. İ Have Exit permit document so I leave this week
    But whe live her the man says I can go to Greece stays there 2 or 3 days and come back with new visa
    And ask a new ikamet
    But I,am a little worried about the fee I need to payed
    I have Dutch passport i stayed 16 months illegal in turkey
    How I find out what the fees is

  94. Hello,
    I am an Indian and I would be coming to turkey soon for an internship of 6 months. I have a couple of questions.
    – How much will my residence permit cost and what all would be the other charges?
    – I am an MBA graduate from UK, So is it possible that I can get an English speaking job in turkey after my internship?. I am happy to take up university jobs too.
    – Can I live in Istanbul for 2500 TRY per month?

    Please reply.

  95. I just recently received a Job Offer letter from Bagcilar Unity Academy, i just want to know if this Academy really exists in Istanbul? is this legit because i need to send the offer letter once i signed to an agency who’s processing visa to enter in Turkey.

  96. Hello,

    Thank for your help. my question is: I have a tourist visa with my passport details that expires on 12th of April. I’m staying for one extra month. Can I travel in a domestic flight for Capadoccia and return, after my visa expired, using my national Portuguese ID card, instead of passport? Do you think they will have access to the information saying I am overstaying in Turkey?


  97. Yestersay, I have received an email from mentioned in the email it offer me a job, it sent me a contact I sgined the contarc and sent it back to them, then the academy asked me to contact and this office send to me these fees , Are yhese true ?
    In order to commence processing your permits into Turkey, please fill attached the Visa form, and send us together with scan copies of identification documents as listed below:

    1) Data page of international passport
    2) Filled Visa/work permits form
    3) Passport sized photograph

    Send us also, the Government/Immigration charges below:

    A) Work Permit Fee: ————————- USD 550.00
    B) Residence Permit Fee: —————— USD 450.00
    C) Release Documents: ——————– USD 320.00
    D) Entry Clearance Fee:——————— USD 240.00
    E) Courier/Dispatch: ———————— USD 130.00
    Total: USD 1,690.00 (Single status)

  98. is it possible to enroll as a student on tourist visa. what are the best options ” temporary Residency permit or student Residency permit”

  99. sir what are the basic requirements for obtain a residence permit on visit visa. what is about the bank statement, the health insurance, rented house agreement and how we can get student residence permit on a visit visa ,and what are the main reason for rejection.

  100. For more than a month, I have received an email from Trans Eurasia Petrolum / TEPETCO, this company mentioned in the email it offer me a job, it sent me a contact I sgined the contarc and sent it back to them, then the comapny asked me to contact Mr. Mr. Hasan Aslan the Turkish Embassy Liaison Officer for the processing of your Turkish Work Visa, Resident Permit and other supporting documents ( Name: Mr.Hasan Aslan
    Address: Sokak No:4 Yenimahalle
    I contacted Mr. Hasan and he sent me ” Work Visa Application Form” and he mentioned that on one of the requireents is ” Basci Travel Allwance Deposit Receipt ” ( Security Deposit) and this should in my name.
    I would like to make sure is this true or false.


  101. Hello Expat Guide Turkey,

    My Belarussian friend used her 90 days in a single year, is it possible her to enter Turkey and apply for residence permit while her visa is expired?

    Also if she is able, can she go to Cyprus for 1-2 days and return back to Turkey again. (We’re planning to make a quick holiday right after she applies for the permit)

  102. Hello There,

    I am going to Study in Turkey for 3 months (April to July) I have an e-visa for tourism because I have a US valid visa, is there a way to have a residence card for the 3 month of my study. I am from Egypt and I have an ordinary passport. My E-visa is valid for 30 days only within 180 days stay.

  103. Hello sir/madam,
    I am a Pakistani citizen. I want to work in turkey. What is the procedure to get a visa, visa type and total fee. Please inform me I want it badly.
    I’ll be looking forward for your kind answer.
    Best regards,
    Tahseen Shafqat

  104. Dear Sir,

    Please be informed that I am from Pakistan. I am planning to permanently move to Turkey with my family.

    I am interested in obtaining Work Permit and Residency Permit of Turkey.

    Can you please advise me the Procedure for obtaining Work Permit and Residency Permit for me and my family .

    I have 3 Children and a Wife.. Total 05–Persons.

    Please advise me the Cost and Procedure for obtaining Work Permit and Residency Permit..

    I shall be very thankful to you..

    Best Regards,

    Sohail Tanveer
    Cell # +92–300–8471404 ( WhatsApp Also Available )

  105. Hello,
    I’m currently studying in Turkey on a study visa and I need to now apply for a residence permit.

    Please what are the requirements for a student residence permit.

    I have a Nigerian passport, how much will it cost for the application fee

    And lastly, how do I apply?

    Thank you

  106. Dear Team.

    I am living in istanbul and came here for business opportunity,I have applied already TRC and want to know the process and all feeses to open and company like restaurant /Grocery Shop.

    Please guide me the process and if required i will take your services as well.

  107. Dear Team.

    I am from Pakistan have Turkey visit visa valid upto 10 Feb 2019.
    Due to some reason I am not traveling before March 2019.
    Can I have option to extend date of same visa for 3 month in my home country.
    What is the process.

  108. Hi!

    Thanks a lot for your helpful article on the process of applying for a residency permit. My friend and I want to apply for a residency permit. Does the residency permit allow us to start a business in Istanbul? Do we need additional licenses? Many thanks

  109. Good day,

    if the foreigner child birth in turkey ,is there any benefit for they parents or for the newborn baby ,regarding Turkish passport.

  110. Good day.

    which is the best way to learn turkish language other than the social media ,is there any program from government side and what is fees.

  111. Good day.

    Hope you are fine .

    Kindly guide me the process of family TRC and total fees for each member of family if i have a Turkish residence permit card.

  112. Hello travel guide,
    Really appreciate your work,

    I and my family have been here for more than 10 days, we missed our flight on our 10th day stay which was our required stay in Turkey, and our Visas has expired, I don’t know if we will be charged for overstaying 2 days because we rebooked our flight for the following month. Thank you very much.

  113. Hello,
    Thank you for this guide. I have a question about medical insurance. I will be visiting my husband in Turkey for a little over 3 months. When I did short term visits, I was required to have travel insurance. I understand that with a residence permit I can use his insurance if I am to get sick. When I go through passport control, how will I prove that I am covered? Or is the resident permit enough?
    Thank you,

  114. Hello sir, can you please let me know how much least amount need to start small company and do i have to renew company trade licence every years or only one time registration required

  115. i am working in Dubai as a safety officer and want to move in turkey how can i find same job ,please recommend to me official job side in turkey

  116. Hello sir,am from ghana,but soon to be in turkey on a tourist visa..pls would like to know if I can apply for turkey resident on my tourist visa and again if I can get a job in turkey since am an african.pls kindly enlighten me on the racist aspect and how fortunate an African can get a job in turkey…will be glad to hear from you..thank you.

  117. Hello. I’m 29, single and from Iran. I’m an English teacher. Some of my former coworkers have moved to Turkey via renting a flat and getting a job (working in language institutes) in Izmir. Since I’m not in touch with them any more, I will be glad if you give me details about the process. Is it possible for me to go to Izmir, get my short term residence of 6 months/1year (if I’m not mistaken) by renting a flat?
    And Is there any chance Language Institutes hire me?
    I would appreciate your help.

  118. Hi
    I want to know about short term Resident permit fees for Citizen of Iran.
    for one person and family of 4.
    kindly please reply me

  119. Hi.
    what are the requirment of Resident permit for Citizen of Iran.
    how can i apply Resident permit for me and my wife.
    and what about fees and documents.
    Kindly reply please.
    thank you.

  120. Hi,

    What is the Fee for Single Entry Visa? Which countries get charged for it? The DGMM’s “157” support line says that it’s for visa exempt countries like for example some of the European countries and Asian countries when they apply for ikamet. However, some visa exempt countries, like Iran, don’t seem to get charged this Visa Fee whereas other visa-exempt countries, like Malaysia, do. Could you shed some light on this? Is this charged for visa exempt countries each time an ikamet application is filed and extended? Thanks.

  121. Greetings. If i apply for a tourist visa, do i need to book a hotel before i get to turkey or i can do that after i arrive in turkey. Also if my 90 days tourist visa expires and i want to sty on for a little while longer, what do i have to do?

  122. Hello Sir, I am citizen of Pakistan. I will come in Turkey in few days InShaAllah, so I just want to know how can I apply for TRC in Turkey.
    Kindly provide me the details and requirements for short term and long term TRC for tourist and business visa.
    Also please mention fee for both TRC.
    I hope I’ll hear from you soon
    Thank you


  124. Hello friends.

    Why residence permit fee for citizens of Serbia is that much expensive? Based on which agreement? To whom you can send objection and question about this issue?

    Thank you

  125. Sir
    i want to know about resident permit card and fees for pakistani citizen
    And which documents required
    i am waiting for your reply.
    thank you

  126. Hello sir i would like to ask something : who’s responsible of paying the work permit fees 615.. tl the worker or the company ? because my company gave me my salary mines the fees’ amount . thank you

  127. I am from Nigeria, i live here in turkey , i have a normal resident permit and i own an independent company in Nigeria that deal with fashions.
    is it possible for me to get Independent Work Permit Certificate 6152,00 TL .
    advise me

  128. Hello sir actually im confuse because we are four member. my 2 children and my wife and we got a visit visa for turkey we are from pakistan and when will come we want to get one year residence permit card but actually i dont know how much will be pakistani rupees sir please can you tell me that we are four member and how much we have to pay for residence permit there, total how much it will be pakistani rupees and within how many days it will be done and how much will be your fee please tell me total amount

  129. Hello , i’m from algeria and my wife américain , please can you tell me if i can get the résidence permit myself or i need a Specialized office

  130. Hi, I’m a dominican/american citizen. I have two nationalities and two passports and my husband is american/ german also holding two passports. If we enter turkey with a tourist visa and apply for a extension to stay for -at least- one year. In the case of the extension or resident permit been granted, then when it expires, does it mean that we have no chance of getting that renewed for another 6 months or a year? Base on the current law, is not longer possible to renew it or this is just temporary?
    Thank you

  131. Hello sir/madam,i’m from nigeria and planning to visit turkey for the very first time.How do i start the visa processing here in nigeria and i do hope there is mini job to sustain out there for a main time as new comer?Thanks.

  132. I have got an employment offer from Turkey TOFAS . How do i ensure that employment offer is authentic and this proposal is valid not false

  133. I want to obtain a 6 months residence permit of Turkey. So please inform me what types of documentations will be nedded for getting thus kind of residence permit. Thanks a lot.

  134. Hi , I have got an employment offer from Turkey TOFAS. How do i ensure that employment offer is authentic. To get an work Visa do i need to submit 2000 USD by self or employer will assist me.

  135. Hello dear I would like to know how can à overstay cost, i have a transit visa of 5 days but I overstayed for 10 days how much is my overstaying fees?

  136. I am a Bangladeshi graduate. I have been working as an optical (eye glasses) salesman in SaudiArabia for 19 years. But now I want a temporary residence permit of Turkey. So how can o can this? Can I get help from your company? My mobile imo whatsapp is 00966507255898.

  137. Hello,

    I was wondering if it is possible for Iranians (who can stay in Turkey for 90 days with passport) to apply for work permit inside Turkey? Because I’ve seen some Iranians do that. Is it illegal? Or the 2 laws (1. Apply for work permit before entering Turkey, 2. Have 6 months residence permit first) also apply to Iranians as well?

  138. Hi.
    I am from pakistan,and i have a resedence permit.but i want work permat plz guide me how can apply work permit and tell me fees for work permit.thank u

  139. Hello,I am innovator nventor and developer can I get a job in Turkey and how thank you.

  140. Hello
    if i come to turkey with a TOURIST VISA, can i :
    1.apply for a student residence permit without leaving turkey (after getting an acceptance letter from university)
    2.apply for short term residence permit to do a ” on the job training” or to enroll in a language school in turkey (without student visa) ? does this school need to be in the same city as the address put in the documents ?
    3.convert short term residence permit into student residence permit ?
    Thank you

  141. Hi, I have a resident permit which recently expired but unfortunately I did not apply for renewal. May ı know if i can still return to turkey with a valid medical report and prsent it in Passport control Ataturk Airport? If so, may I know the process and fee for my visa interruption? Thank you so much for your prompt reply.

  142. Hello
    if i apply for a short term resident permit for tourism, can i submit my paren’t monthly payment ( in algerian currency) instead of the bank account ?
    and can i work and study with this touristic short term resident permit ?
    if not, which kind of short term resident permit can i get, that can allow me to enter turkey on a tourist visa in the summer, get a job (be able to work legally) , and study in a university in the fall for one year ?
    thank you

  143. salam sir, I am n islam abad Pakistan 48 yrs retired person from hospital. I want to go turkey on Tourist visa . how much Bnk statmnt z essential for aply
    I have 10 lak pakistani Ropees . can i apply ? and how much money will be required next for residence permit in bank ? and how much the total cost of residece permit including ur service fee ?

  144. Hi, I live in Turkey and I’ve lost my resident visa card… much would I have to pay for a replacement?

  145. hello, please i came to turkey with a sports visa and i would like to get a residence permit. can your company help me secure one.

  146. Please, let me know if i can have touristi visa for moroccans for one year and how?
    Thank you

  147. Hello there;

    I’m Palestinian have refugee documents from Lebanon. Can I apply for Residence Permit and what documents I have to provide…

    Thank you

  148. Dear Madam/Sir,

    I am from Lebanon and I frequently visit Turkey while enjoying a free-visa entry.

    I would like to apply for a one-year Residence Permit if possible. I noted that your services are for 900 TL, and the card fee is 72 TL.

    I only need to know what documents you need from me in order to get the residence permit, as I will be visiting Istanbul soon and would pass by your offices [I already have a tax number [TCKN/VKN] that I have obtained in January 2017.

    Thanks very much in advance!

  149. Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am a Dual National British/Iranian. I have been getting conflicting information regarding the cost of getting 1 year Tourist Residency in Turkey.
    Is there a difference (cost/process) between applying as a British or Iranian?
    Some stated that it is cheaper as British since British visitors have to pay for the entry visa and Iranians don’t.
    Some stated just the opposite.

    Thank you for your help

  150. I would like to know what is the normal penalty you have to pay with the individual upon exit if he/she doesn’t have an e-visa upon entry.
    Let’s say he/she has been inTurkey for 20days.

  151. Hello, I am from Afghanistan, I have a registered media production company based in Kabul. I want to apply for residence visa in Turkey, would you please guide me on the procedure and the cost of the entire process. I am looking to move there with my family (just wife).

    Thank you

  152. Hi, i am a norwegian citizen and working as a dentist for 12 years.I m thinking to settle with my family in Turkey from 2019 as we re inlove with this country as we visited it
    many times on vacation before, and i m doing some research on job opportunities.I read some articles about prohibition of foreign dentists to work in Turkey ?!Is this true? Eventually…what are the requirements to be able to have the right to practice my profession there ?.Thank you in advance for reply!

  153. If i have Turkish visa so how much you charge for work permit or residence permit and what is the requirements and procedure kindly reply me in details through email pls.

  154. I would like to get information about work permit I’m from Pakistan can I get or process work permit from Pakistan with the help of your services pls reply

  155. I am Bangladeshi I’m working in Saudi. I want to go to the Turkey . What do i have to do… What will be the e-visa?

  156. Dear Sir/Madam,
    I am a citizen of Iran and would very much like to move permanently to Istanbul along with my wife and my 12-year-old daughter. They both like Istanbul very much and we have traveled to this beautiful city numerous times the last few years. They have also been taking Turkish language classes and are becoming very efficient at your language. I am a graduate of the Central Missouri State University in Kansas City, Missouri, USA; with a bachelor degree in Chemistry.
    I realize that we do not need a tourist visa to stay in Turkey, but, can you please tell me what steps we need to take to be able to stay in Turkey permanently and have my daughter register in a public school (she will start high school next fall)? or just direct me to the relevant website to obtain comprehensive information.
    Finally, do we need to hire an immigration attorney (or consult one of the companies that constantly advertise that they can help people by paying a large fee), to go through the required process to obtain residency?
    Allow me to thank you in advance for your time and looking forward to read your respond.

  157. I need to know complete information for company set up in Turkey as I am Pakistani national and apply for resident permit as well.
    How much it will cost me please.

  158. Hi,

    I want to come turkey as a tourist for 15-20 days. The e-visa website shows that I have to pre-book my hotel and have to show the booking on the airport. If my returning ticket is after 15 days and I show them just 2 days of booking of hotel and wanna stay by my own, is it allowed ?


  159. Please I would like to know the cost of processing a short term residence permit and the required documentation. Am a Ghanaian (west africa)

  160. Dear sir ,

    How much Residency Permit Health insurance for person between 30 to 45 in Turkey per year ?

  161. Merhaba, I will be really geatful if you could clear my confusion about the price for health insurance for foreigners in order to apply for a residence permit. I have been quoted diffeent prices which have confused me. I have been told 270 Turlish lira per month. On the other hand someone has told me its 150 usd per year. I would be geatful if you could clear that. Thanks

    1. Dear Mr Aladeen,

      Private Health Insurrances can be both calculated as a monthly or yearly. Monthly Insurrances have higher costs and also have a broader uses in Hospital.

      Best Regards,
      ExpatGuideTurkey Team

  162. U wish to enquire from your good Office,
    What is the the qualification for one to cone to Turkey?
    In accordance with the rules and regulations of your Company . What should one have in order for one to be allowed entry to Turkey.
    I need your guidelines.
    Thank you.

  163. Hello sir, am Innocent Chidiebere, a male nurse practicing in Nigeria. Am from Nigeria. I wish to migrate to turkey to get a job there and reside there. pls I need your advice.

  164. Please can you tell me what are the consequences to my overstay (15 days)?
    I’m with my wife and children. We have Indonesian passports but living in Qatar. We may settle down in Turkey but we have to exit the country to re-enter to get 30 more days of visa. We came with e-visa.
    Thank you very much.

  165. Hi Sirs
    I got an offer from Turkish National Drilling Corporation and they asked me to transfer $2000 through western union as a security deposit for me to get the work permit.
    Is this normal in the government procedure to ask for $2000 as a security deposit from me personally when I have a working contract with a reputable company.
    Please let me know if it’s ok to send that money or it is a scam.
    Thanking you in advance for your help and assistance
    Ali Seenah

  166. I’m an Indian student and doing my internship in Turkey. But I have 50 days visa permit and by mistake I recognised that my flight is on 51st day and now I don’t have that much money left to book another flight. So what will be the consequences of overstaying 12 hours ?
    I am really scared. Please someone tell me.

  167. My 90/180 days expired 31 may and i applied for residence permit before that date. But i could first get ikamet meeting 25. august and i have to leave Turkey before that. Do I have to pay fine in airport and how long can i risk waiting before go if the fee raises per day? Will it be a problem to enter Turkey again? I dont know if i have to cancel all plans and go home asap or if there is some way that i can stay here?

  168. Hello,

    I am in Turkey about 75 days now, visiting some friends. my last day is on 23 of june. What will happened if i stay about another 4 days? Lets say that i will leave on 26 or 27 of June.
    Do you know how muvh will be the penalty and if i will have any problem to visit again the country in the future?

  169. Hi my name is mohammad Karim and I entered turkey last week. i want to stay here more than 90 days with my family. how can i get residence permit easily. For the time being I am living in Kirshehr village.
    could you please let me know the procedures and required documents for obtaining residence permit by email.

    thank you in advance.


    Mohammad Karim

  170. Hi there

    I received a job offer from a company in Ankara. One of the requirements is that I pay security deposit of $2,000 ( which i will get back)as security deposit before my work permit and visa can be processed This needs to be paid via Western Union myself being the recipient in Turkey. Is there something like this as I am feeling this is a scam.


  171. Hello, I was a student in Northern Cyprus and I had a permit for 2 years and it expires 17 September 2017, but I had to go back home due to family issues and finances and now I have to start again trying to sort myself out, However I cant make it back to TRNC by that date. If I get there a few months after the date of my expired permit will I be told to pay a fine I dont want to travel so far and be sent back, because most definitely I want to renew my permit and carry on with my education. would you know what documents they will ask from me by the airport? or will I need to get a new visa fly to TRNC and will they let me in ?

  172. hi my name is kigozi Andrew from Uganda,I would like to come and find job in turkey,I did a bachelor’s degree in leisure and hospitality management,so advise me the type of visa I should apply and another thing in case am in turkey and I get a job,do I need to exit for procession of my work permit…thanx

  173. Hello,

    I am a Tunisian Intern in Turkey, I applied, I have visa for one year witch I paid for in Tunisia (approximately 200 TL) and applied for resident permit here in Turkey, I paid 63 TL for application submission two months ago.
    I want to ask, will I be asked to pay 372 TL at the immigration office? because they did not say anything.
    what s the difference between the Visa amount i paid in my country and the single entry visa fee?
    And please can you explain to me the link between the resident fee stated above, and the fee distribution by country?

    Thank you in advance for your help.

  174. I am from Pakistan want to stay in Turkey so tell me how much total fees of Resident Permit. Kindly inbox me and tell me the process and documentation above all i understand but confused what is the actual cost i have to pay.


  175. Dear Sir

    I wanted to know that my wife got a job offer recently from Turkey Istanbul from a Hospital name Kirac General Hospital as a Laboratory Technologist i need to confirm it through your website we are living in Pakistan and its very difficult to find out from here that the offer is genuine or fake because the hospital wants us to pay the charges of work permit and they says in their email that the charges are refundable please guide me if you want me to sent you the hiring contrat and email which my wife got from the hopital please let me know through email then i will forward you

    With Regards
    Asim Ali

  176. Dear sir,iam manikandan. Indian, I selected in Istanbul Asia Princess Hotel,but Istanbul advocate make visa for me. He asking me 790 us dollars in moneygrem via. Im very confused.. Original or fake.. Please clear it doubt. I’m waiting for your reply. Thank you.

  177. Hello,

    I am Naveed Ali form Pakistan, I have applied for Tourist VISA for Turkey, Embassy given me passport back with stamp that your application is received and with a letter that your application is under process for investigation with Ministry of Interior – Turkey. I am confused that how much time it takes.

  178. Am a Security guard in one of the best bank in Nigeria and need a new lease of life by migrating to Turkey.Do I need a Job first before I can be granted visa, Pls I need help here on how to apply for the visa.
    ……………. Edobor

  179. Hello
    Dear Sir,
    My name is Muhammad Farid and i am from Pakistan. actually i want to go to turkey on work visa. i am Electrical Engineer and currently i am on visit visa here at UAE which is valid till 4th jamuary 2017.
    So, please inform me what is the procedure to apply for the visa and how much is the price of visa and also please inform me can i go direct from UAE to turkey or not ?

  180. Assallam o alikum,
    Anyone can inform me..
    How much cost of turkish work and residence permit 1year..How much cost.
    Tell me please

  181. Dear sir,
    I want to ask about residence permit fees for one year stay in Turkey how much should i pay for this one year residence permit.please tell me what should i do to apply for this can guide me..

  182. Actually iam Egyptian and iam working here in Turkey –Izmir ,I have a fixed term work permit will end at next march 2017 .
    The problem is my wife and my little kid (2.5 years ) arrived with me but with an accompany visa with total stay 30 days ,end at 25 of current month and I would like to extend their stay till the end of this year 2016 or may be the 1st week of 2017 and I don’t know how .
    otherwise iam not sure what will happen if they illegal stayed .

  183. Hello,

    I have a job offer in Istanbul Turkey as an Art Teacher , The employer told me to contact a certain Travel Agency in Turkey so that they can process my work permit and visa . The travel agency told me that the validity of the work permit will be until September 2018. They will also send me an air ticket going there.
    I only send the travel agency a photocopy of my passport, passport photo and the form they send to me that I filled up. I asked them if I need to go to the Turkey Embassy in my hometown for visa stamping . They said no need , after I get the courier containing the papers like work permit , work contract and visa , I can go and fly to Turkey right away .

    This is so easy , I want to know if I’m no the right track. Please Advice.

    Thanks ,

  184. Hello,
    I am Pakistani national and have done ACCA i want to pursue my career in Turkey , please provide me complete information of visa, other procedure and all expenses.

  185. I am married to turkish national, and am not sure what permit will be best to apply for, as we have a house and i wish to live permanently in turkey
    Advice greatly appreciated

  186. I am from Hong Kong, China. My residence permit is valid until 29/1. Will I be fined if I leave on 30/1? If yes, how much is the fine?

  187. Confused…I had a 3 year residency permit but it expired in April 2015 when online applications came into effect. I tried and tried online but appointments kept coming up full. Eventually my visa expired and I overstayed 97days. I found a job and had to go to London UK to apply for a work visa as there was now no residency permit in date (6months +)I booked appointment with London embassy along with documents from future employer. Got reference number which I texted to my employer in Istanbul straight away as there is a 10day window..Document from London and documents from employer need to arrive in Ankara roughly same time I guess. In London I went to the embassy my future employer applied from Istanbul. I returned to Istanbul on a 90day tourist visa while I waited for my blue work permit card.8 weeks later I received my work permit booked flight and appointment with embassy in London. Returned to London embassy handed over my passport paid £411pounds 3 days later collected my passport stamped with 1 year work visa.
    Now I am asking….when I extend my visa and work permit….Can this be done from Istanbul to Ankara rather than me spending money on flights to London? Arranging appointment with London Embassy etc did ask in London this question but clerk doing my passport visa couldnt say and didn’t know answer

  188. Hi, I visited your site for the first time, I would be very grateful if you could help.
    I applied for my resident permit extention (the 3rd time) in the beginning of June, still no news.
    Do you know how I get information of when I would finally receive my visa?
    Best regards,

  189. How to make the payment? I see information on the fee but no information on how to make the payment??

  190. I have my residence in Turkey But now dey haven’t renew it .I want to police dey say no I don’t what is hapeing

  191. I love to go to Turkey, I want to know about programs and costs, if they can send to my email. THANK YOU

  192. HI , i took my reference number 2 weeks ago and last week my company applied my work permit . i have been stay in turkey for 95 days and last week i referred to AMNIYAT office in Istanbul for expansion for 180 days . they told me that if you don’t leave Turkey until taking your work permit , it is not necessary to expand it . now please inform me that I should make an expansion or not ?

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