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What Does Dependent or Independent Work Permit Mean for Foreigners?

Firstly, it’s very useful to remind; as a rule, work permit applications are completed by employers in Turkey. Foreigners who are legally residing in Turkey, owners of international protection or international protection applicants can actively participate in business life. In order for a foreigner to work legally in Turkey, his employer must meet all the necessary conditions on behalf of the foreigner and obtain a work permit approval. If the relevant company and foreign personnel have fulfilled all the necessary conditions and procedures, the foreign personnel can legally work in the profession determined for them and in the company that obtained the permission, after the approval of the work permit. This type of work is also called dependent work permit. In this type of leave, the foreigner works depending on the company and profession, and in case of any job change, the relevant change must be notified to the SGK and the ministry and a new work permit application must be made in the new company.

The concept of independent work permit, on the other hand, is defined as the type of work permit that allows the foreigner to work under his own name and account, according to the laws on work permits in Turkey. If a foreigner has established a company in Turkey by observing legal procedures and will actively work in this company, this foreigner should apply for an independent work permit. International protection applicants or status holders who will apply for an independent work permit make such applications themselves.

If you have questions about dependent or independent work permits for foreigners in Turkey, you can send them to us in the comments section.


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