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Minimum Wage Increase in Turkey! How Much Will Foreigners Be Paid?

The minimum wage was raised again in Turkey. Wages paid to foreign nationals working in Turkey are calculated over the minimum wage. Here are the salaries to be paid to foreigners;

Foreign Minimum Wage 2022

Accordingly, considering the minimum wage amount after the application date, the amounts to be paid to the foreigner are at least;

  • Gross minimum wage for foreigners who will work in Home Services: 6.471.00 TL
  • For foreigners who will work in tourism-animation organization companies as acrobats and similar titles, and for foreigners who will work in jobs such as masseur, masseuse and SPA therapist, 2 times the minimum wage 6,471.00 x 2 = 12,942 TL
  • Salesperson, marketing, export manager etc. 1.5 times the minimum wage for foreigners to work 6.471.00 x 1.5 = 9.706.5 TL
  • They will work in jobs that require expertise and mastery, teachers, doctors 3 times the minimum wage 6.471,00 x 3 = 19.413,00 TL
  • 4 times the minimum wage for unit or branch managers, engineers and architects, 6.471.00 x 4 = 25.884.00 TL
  • 6.5 times the minimum wage, 6,471.00 x 6.5 = 42,061.00 TL for senior managers, pilots and senior engineers and architects requesting prior permission
minimum wage

How Much is the Insurance Premium for Foreigners 2022

The base salary for foreigners working in domestic services and holding International Protection/Temporary Protection is the minimum wage. The base wage for all other foreigners is one and a half times the minimum wage. Below you can find the SGK premiums you will pay to foreigners in 2022.

  • Base Minimum Wage: 6.471.00 TL
  • SGK Premium: 2.426.6 1.5 times the minimum wage: 9.706.5 TL
  • SGK Premium: 3.639.9 3 times the minimum wage: 19.413,00 TL
  • SGK Premium: 7.279.8 4 times the minimum wage: 25.884.00 TL
  • SGK Premium: 9.706.5 6.5 times the minimum wage: 42,061.00 TL
  • SGK Premium: 15.772.8

Note: The above wages are calculated over the gross minimum wage.


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  1. Hie I am a holder of a Bachelor’s degree in Education honours Early childhood development from Zimbabwe. Hence am inquiring if Turkey has Job opportunities for my qualifications. And how can I get the list of elementary schools.

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