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Turkish Coffee Cooking Details

Turkish coffee is a world famous type of coffee. It is a very tasty and healthy drink. Doctors recommend drinking more than 2 times a day and without sugar. So how is Turkish coffee brewed?

With the electric coffee pots that have been on the market recently, we can quickly make Turkish coffee. However, the number of people who say that making Turkish coffee in a coffee pot is also enjoyable is not few. Let’s learn together how to make Turkish coffee in the simplest, easiest, traditional coffee pot.

Ingredients for the Turkish Coffee with Plenty of Foam

  • Cezve: A wide-mouthed, long-handled coffee pot used for boiling coffee,
  • Coffee cups,
  • Coffee grinder if desired
Turkish Coffee

According to the number of people;

  • 2 teaspoons of coffee
  • 1 teaspoon of sugar

To make Turkish coffee, coffee beans must be ground into a very fine powder. Most electric grinders can’t grind coffee that well.

Method 1

1.Put one cup of water for each cup of coffee in the coffee pot and put 1 teaspoon of coffee and 1 teaspoon of sugar for each cup of coffee.

2.Mix well, put the cezve on low heat.

Turkish Coffee

3.Never stir after placing and bring slowly to the boiling point.

4.When it starts to boil, distribute the foam formed on the top into the containers.

5.Bring to a boil again and divide the remainder into the pots.

Method 2

Turkish Coffee

1.First of all, the material of the foamy Turkish coffee is important. Yes, as everyone knows, the trio of water, coffee and sugar is cooked.

2. It’s burning, but the details of this job are not that simple. First of all, ice-cold water should be removed from the refrigerator.

3.If the coffee is made with hot or warm water, the foam you will get will fill up to two glasses. Even the second is difficult.

What should you pay attention to to make plenty of foamy Turkish Coffee?

If you have the time and patience, roast and grind the coffee beans yourself. Freshly roasted and ground coffee always gives better results. Because coffee oils will be in a much better condition than waiting coffee. Since the roasting part is a little troublesome, you can just grind it. With a simple hand grinder, you can easily grind your coffee in a very short time.

Turkish Coffee

If you’re going to buy pre-roasted ground coffee, get a freshly dated product from a good brand. Do not use a damp spoon when taking coffee. Close your coffee can tightly. Do not use coffee that has been waiting for a long time. Be sure to use clean and cold drinking water. If you use tap water, the chlorine in that water will spoil the taste of your coffee. Do not heat the waiting coffee and consume it again. In a maximum of half an hour, the coffee will lose all its beauty…

Enjoy your meal!

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