Quiet Cities of Turkey

Quiet Cities of Turkey

The Slow City or Cittaslow movement, which is becoming more and more widespread in the world, aims to slow down our fast-paced life and takes a step further. Here are nine calm cities in Turkey, where local production, calmness and historical buildings are the leading roles…

Fast life, the constant rush to get somewhere, snacking in the limited times created, communication over screens and having to live on schedule do not make us happy anymore. In general, the main problem of all of us is “stress” and “Stop, the world will collapse!” emotion often bothers us. Slow City, or Cittaslow with its first name, aims to slow down our fast-paced life and steps.

Akyaka – Mugla

Akyaka; It is a real paradise of peace with its historical texture, unique architecture and calm sea. Leave your way to this charming town even to see the beautiful Akyaka houses adorned with wood carvings.


Seferihisar became the first city from our country to participate in the Calm City organization. For this reason, Seferihisar, which is considered the Calm City capital of Turkey; It also has a wide range of resources in terms of solar, geothermal and wind energy. In Seferihisar, which is famous for its tangerine groves, olive groves and artichoke fields, four markets, two of which are organic, are set up a week and only products produced by farmers are exhibited in these markets.

Quiet Cities of Turkey

Gokceada – Canakkale

Located in the westernmost part of Turkey, Gökçeada is a paradise that you cannot find with its natural water resources, clean sea, Greek houses, natural life, organic products and alternative sports opportunities. Moreover, Turkey’s largest island, the world’s first and only calm island bears the title.

Vize – Kirklareli

Vize, which has become an important administrative and cultural center since the Byzantine period; It is a corner of paradise with its forests, lakes, history, waterfalls and beach. Moreover, considering that it is only 1.5 hours away from Istanbul, it is also very suitable for a small weekend getaway.

Quiet Cities of Turkey

Halfeti – Sanliurfa

Although it was flooded due to the Birecik Dam built in 2000, this quiet town of Urfa is famous for its local cut stone structures and 16th century birdhouse architecture. Halfeti stands out as the only place in the world where the black rose grows.

Quiet Cities of Turkey

Quiet Cities of Turkey

Tarakli – Sakarya

Located among lush forests, Taraklı is a charming town with houses that bear its name from the honeycomb masters and witness the Ottoman period. In this beautiful district, which carries the traces of history from the Hellenistic period to the present, you can see historical mansions by walking on the cobbled streets; You can visit the Ottoman houses with bay windows scattered around Göynük Stream.

Quiet Cities of Turkey

Persembe – Ordu

Persembe, which contains every shade of green, also has perhaps the only untouched coves and beaches of the Black Sea. Moreover, this beautiful district of Ordu is famous not only for its abundance of agricultural products, but also for its fish variety.

Quiet Cities of Turkey

Yenipazar – Aydin

Yenipazar, the smallest and least populated district of Aydın, took this name because it was a trade center in ancient times. One of the reasons why this charming town, famous for its historical Byzantine buildings and Carian settlements that have survived to the present day, has made its name known is its vegetables produced from local seeds and its delicious pita.

Yalvac – Isparta

Located at the foot of the Sultan Mountains, Yalvaç is a charming town rich in natural beauties, which has hosted countless civilizations throughout history. In Yalvaç, which has made a name for itself with its traditional neighborhood ovens and culinary culture, you will see that forgotten handicrafts such as leather making, felt making, blacksmithing and carpet making are still alive.

Quiet Cities of Turkey


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