Canakkale City Guide

Canakkale City Guide

Çanakkale is the symbol city for “War of Independance of Turkey” that reflects the historical atmosphere. Every square meter of Çanakkale, which is one of the fronts of the First World War, is full of victories and epics. This holy city has indelibly engraved the word “Çanakkale Geçilmez” into world history. Çanakkale from each other, separating Europe and Asia in northwest Turkey and the Straits bearing his name was established on both sides. Today, Çanakkale is an important tourism and agricultural center of Turkey with 540.000 population.

Check out the most comprehensive Çanakkale city guide now. You will find the answers of many questions like “Places to see in Çanakkale” or “How to get to Çanakkale ?” in this guide.

City Name



Population Density

Population Growth Rate

Surface Area

Number of Districts

Postal Code

Area Code

GDP (Per Capita)




54 / km2

0,54 %

9,905 km2




18,206 $

After city center, Biga is the biggest district of Çanakkale with 90.000 population. Today, Biga is an important educational center of Çanakkale 18 Mart University. According to Turkey’s urbanization mean more properly, the population is much lower. For historical tourism, Gelibolu, Eceabat and Lapseki are so important districts. On the other hand, Gökçeada and Bozcaada are island districts of Çanakkale with less than 10.000 population. The districts of Afyon are Ayvacık, Bayramiç, Biga, Bozcaada, Eceabat, Ezine, Gelibolu, Gökçeada, Lapseki, Yenice, Çan. You will find detailed information for all districts of Çanakkale in this guide.

Short History of Çanakkale

Known as Hellespontos and Dardanel in ancient times, Çanakkale BC. It has preserved its residential area since 3000. Çanakkale has been an important settlement center since the Early Bronze Period; Thanks to the Dardanelles Strait, it is one of the two passage regions that provide the connection between Anatolia and Europe and the Mediterranean and the Black Sea. Because of this feature, it has a very rich history. It has provided economic and military superiority to the communities living in the region, and they have passed their contemporaries in the field of civilization. However, this situation made the region the target of various migration and invasion movements. There were people who came to the region in order to settle or plunder on different dates, and in both cases, certain cultural exchange intensified. The Importance of the Çanakkale was once again on the agenda in the Çanakkale Wars (World War I) and the enemy navy was defeated on 18 March 1915.

Accommodation in Çanakkale is so easy with the new investments made at the last years. In many districts of Çanakkale, you will find a lot of hotels and hostels easily for every budget range.

If you are looking for real estate for sale in Çanakkale or real estate for rent in Çanakkale, you are on the right page. As of the end of July 2020 in Çanakkale province, the prices of houses for sale increased by 17.97% in the last year. Average for sale residential property size is 110 square meters. Considering the annual averages, the districts that gained the most value in Çanakkale for housing as of the end of July 2020 were Bozcaada, Gökçeada, Bayramiç, Ezine, respectively.

Do you want to get detailed information about hospitals in Çanakkale? If you’re, our special health guide will be helpful for you. In Çanakkale, there are 9 state hospitals, 1 training and research hospitals and 7 private hospitals. Almost all districts have hospitals in different regions of the city. You can get high-quality health services in many health instutitions in Çanakkale.

Road Transportation

Çanakkale, whose land is partly in Thrace and partly in the Aegean Region, is at a very convenient point in terms of transportation. When the 1915 Çanakkale Bridge, which is under construction, is finished, you can easily go to Çanakkale center by road both via Thrace (now with a ferry connection) and via cities such as Bursa-Eskişehir-Balıkesir in the Anatolian direction. You can find mutual Çanakkale buses from almost every major city in Turkey.

Air Transportation

Çanakkale Airport is located right in the city center. Probably there is no other airport in the city in Turkey in it. Proximity advantage, perhaps, but not yet made no direct flights expedition to Turkey’s many provinces.

You will find the answers of the “Best places to visit in Çanakkale” or “Top 10 things to do and see in Çanakkale” questions in this guide. There are a lot of historical and natural places to visit in Çanakkale. It is the place to call Gallipoli the apple of the eye of Çanakkale. No dates or mysterious events are hidden on the island, which is the center of that great victory. It is one of the must-see places in our country with its historical places and natural beauties. In Gallipoli, you can see Gazi Süleyman Pasha Tomb, Namık Kemal’s tomb, Gallipoli Mevlevihane, Gazi Süleyman Pasha Mosque. Brad Pitt plays the famous Troy (Truva), which is the subject of the film, Troy Ancient City takes place in Unesco World Heritage List and is one of Turkey’s most important cultural centers. The village of Assos, where the world-famous philosopher Aristotle lived, is one of the most ancient historical places of Turkey, as well as a natural wonder with its unique view. You should definitely see the Assos Ancient City, also known as Behramkale, and the historical theater in Çanakkale Ayvacık district.

On the other hand, Çanakkale Archaeological Museum, Gökçeada, Bozcaada, Neandria Ancient City and Kaz Mountains are located in the city.

There are only one state university located in Çanakkale named as Çanakkale 18 Mart University.


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