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Dubbed Era Begins With Artificial Intelligence

Dubbed Era Begins With Artificial Intelligence

The voices of the best dubbing artists will be with you even though they are no longer with us. Details are here!

DeepZen, a pioneering technology company that offers artificial intelligence-supported digital audio solutions, founded by Turkish entrepreneurs, has a technology that can produce sounds closest to the human voice and control emotion while producing these sounds. Using voice cloning technologies and other digital audio solutions, DeepZen produces products used in many areas such as audio books, advertising, marketing, podcasting, games and virtual assistants, voice cloning technologies and many other products thanks to its knowledge and expert team of highly qualified engineers. . digital assistants are signing important projects in the sector by using the latest technologies for audio solutions.

Thanks to DeepZen artificial intelligence technology, it also achieves successful results in voice cloning technologies and dubbing studies. The company continues its efforts to copy the voice of one of Turkey’s most well-known artists and bring it to the level of dubbing with the artist’s own voice and artificial intelligence. In this way, it allows people to use their own voices or to create special sounds in line with the demands of their customers. DeepZen also produces digital audio solutions for other types of audio content.

Dubbing Voices Is Now Possible

DeepZen’s technologies include automatic decoding, Machine Based Neural Networks Based Translation (NMT), voice synthesis, lip sync and newly developed voice cloning technologies. Thanks to these technologies, DeepZen can perform audio cloning from small amounts of audio data (such as home videos) without going into the studio. In this way, it allows people to use their own voices or create brand-specific voices as they wish.


Thanks to the voice cloning technology, for example, when a 20-year-old dubbing artist enters the studio and records his voice with DeepZen technology, he will be able to sing with his 20-year-old voice. 50 years old. Thanks to this technology, the sound will always remain the same without adding the effect of aging. DeepZen attaches importance to the legal licensing process that will protect the rights and voices of sound artists in all their works.

About DeepZen

DeepZen is a Turkish venture company that Power House is an investor in and aims to grow in the global arena. Supporting the video publishing ecosystem with its investments, Power House collaborates in line with its growth target by using DeepZen technologies. DeepZen is a company that leads the industry by starting a new era in the world of voiceover thanks to its voice cloning technology.

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