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Users Against AI-Powered Services: Striking Results in a Survey on the Subject!

Users Against AI-Powered Services: Striking Results in a Survey on the Subject!

In these days of increasing artificial intelligence-powered services, a new survey reflects people’s perspective on artificial intelligence. Here are the details!

Artificial intelligence is now ubiquitous in all aspects of our lives, but it seems that people are not as satisfied with the service provided by artificial intelligence as expected.

According to Gartner’s survey of 5,728 customers in December 2023, 64% of respondents do not prefer the use of AI in customer service. 60% worry that it will be difficult to reach a human, while 42% worry that AI will give wrong answers.

Most customers prefer human agents over AI in after-sales service. This is a reflection of long-standing customer service issues around wait times and quality of service.

People are turning to companies that don’t use AI

Gartner’s survey was published on the heels of a small-scale study by Katana. That study also found that half of customers prefer human agents over AI-powered chatbots.

Users Against AI

Keith McIntosh, Senior Director of Research at Gartner, said customer service and support leaders are under pressure to use AI, but they can’t ignore concerns that AI technology could lead to customer churn.

For example, telecom giant BT has announced that 55,000 positions will be eliminated by 2030 and thousands of customer service employees will be laid off due to digitalization, but according to Gartner’s survey, 53% of customers say they would turn to competitors if they learned that AI was being used.

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