Burdur Lake’s Dry Areas Welcome Off-road Enthusiasts

The drying areas of Lake Burdur became the new address of enduro and off-road enthusiasts

Enduro, off-road and paragliding enthusiasts from Burdur relieve their work stress by Lake Burdur, which soothes them with its magnificent view.

Creating a natural trail

The area where the water recedes in Lake Burdur, which is receding day by day due to climate change and drought, losing almost more than half of it, is home to extreme sportsmen from Burdur.

Since 2010, Fatih Kılıçarslan from the Turkish Air Sports Federation Burdur Representative and Paragliding Burdur Sports Club, who has been involved in paragliding since 2010, said, “Today was a very different event both to introduce the lake and to raise awareness to save the lake. Whether it was enduro, off-road or paragliding, it was a very nice organization. We do paragliding in Burdur. Our hill is really beautiful, I can say it is a miniature of Fethiye. The transportation is very close, there is a road distance of four and a half kilometers. We can reach the hill in ten minutes, get ready and land here. We have such a hill. Our lake has a different beauty as a view. Of course, it has been withdrawn a lot recently. This was also sad for us. There are over 100 paragliding training areas in Burdur. About 45-50 of them are active flyers. Of course, the interest is also very high because everyone’s dream, wants to fly, wants to do this sport. Therefore, there is a lot of demand and interest in this sport. Since it has become widespread in Turkey, it is no longer an unattainable sport. Anyone can do this sport with 10-15 days of training.”

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