Number of visitors increased in Mardin

Number of visitors increased in Mardin

Mardin, which has become a center of culture and attraction with its thousands of years of history, has experienced an increase in the number of visitors with the weather temperatures above seasonal norms. The number of tourists, which was 2 million 150 thousand last year, is expected to exceed 3 million this year.

Attracting visitors with its history, culture and faith tourism as well as its natural beauties and local flavors, Mardin welcomes hundreds of thousands of visitors every year.

Many historical and cultural sites such as the streets of the city, Mardin Museum, Kasımiye Madrasa, Deyrulzafaran Monastery and the ancient city of Dara, one of the most important settlements of ancient Mesopotamia, are among the most visited centers.

With temperatures above seasonal norms, tourists are enjoying the sunny weather while touring the historical city, while the number of tourists, which was 2 million 150 thousand last year, is expected to exceed 3 million this year, according to statistical data from the entrances to the most visited Deyrulzafaran Monastery and Kasımiye Madrasa.


Özgür Azad Gürgör, President of Mardin Tourism and Hoteliers Association, said that they have reached their goal of expanding Mardin tourism to 12 months. Noting that Mardin, the city of civilizations, is a special province with its culture, structure and beliefs and therefore attracts intense demand, Gürgör stated that guests coming from metropolitan cities as well as nearby provinces in 4 seasons enjoy the beauty of Mardin and said, “In 2023, we had nearly 650 thousand accommodation. We have a lot of daily visitors, we get the statistics of this from the entrances to Deyrulzafaran Monastery and Kasımiye Madrasa. We have nearly one and a half million entries and exits. Our main goal is 1 million accommodation, we think that we will find this figure very easily by the end of 2024.”


Street musicians singing folk songs in Turkish, Arabic, Kurdish and Syriac have become the center of attention of tourists. Farıs Gerici, one of them, said that they attracted the attention of tourists coming to the historical city and sometimes they received requests for songs. Gül İlgin, who lives in Istanbul and stated that it was her first time in the Eastern and Southeastern provinces, said that she admired Mardin and that everyone should come and see it.

Serdar Günay, who came from Diyarbakır and stated that it was his first time in Mardin, said, “It’s great, I like it a lot. I came from Diyarbakır. It’s a bit similar to the texture of Diyarbakır, but it’s different. For example, Diyarbakır was built with more basalt stone, this place is a little different.” Taha Balta, who came from Istanbul to visit Mardin with a group of friends, said, “Mardin is so beautiful that I find it difficult to express our feelings. We went to the ancient city of Dara. Maybe it will be one of the reasons why I will come to Mardin later.”

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