5 Places to Visit in Mardin

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  • Mardin Castle
  • Clock Tower
  • Mardin Streets
  • The Historical Mardin Houses
  • Mardin Museum

Mardin borders with Syria and has ten districts. Mardin province, located in the Southeastern Anatolia Region with a population of approximately 790 thousand, is a true Open Air Museum. Here are the several places to visit in Mardin.

Mardin Castle

Mardin Castle is a place visited by most of the city. Castle Subari, Sumer, Babylon, Mitanis, Assyrians, Hamdanis, Seljuks, Artukids, Karakoyunlu, Persians, Roman, Byzantine, Umayyad, Abbasi, Akkoyunlu, Safavids and Ottomans were an important fortress where they won and lost victories.

Clock Tower

Within the scope of the works to create squares, crossroads, avenues and streets in Midyat, a clock tower was built from Mardin Midyat stone in the square of Mutlu and Ekin Neighborhoods. While the length of the clock tower is 8 meters, its width is 9 square meters. The tower, which has a magnificent appearance with an ornamental pool made of the famous stone of Midyat, which creates an ancient image, and lighting, has added a different atmosphere to the town of Midyat.

Mardin Streets

You can see the narrow cobblestone streets of Mardin with its historical houses from all over the city. You have the chance to see all of them on the street known as 1st Street.

The historical Mardin Houses

The historical Mardin Houses are almost a work of art. The feature of these stones used in construction is that they do not reflect the outside temperature inside the house.

Mardin Museum

It was built in 1895 by the Patriarch of Antakya, Ignatios Behnam Banni, in order to be used as a patriarchate. It was renovated in 1988 by the Ministry of Culture within the scope of repair works and in 1995 it started to operate as a museum. In addition to three separate exhibition rooms within the museum, educational and entertaining activities are organized for children and adults.

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