Self-healing human skin developed for robots

Scientists from the University of Tokyo and Harvard University have developed a brand new human-like skin for robots. This skin is also capable of self-healing.

Humanoid robots in Terminator or other future-themed movies are one step closer. Scientists from the University of Tokyo and Harvard University have developed a brand new human-like skin for bots. The new skin brings potential benefits to robotic platforms, such as greater mobility, self-healing capabilities, embedded sensing capabilities and an increasingly realistic appearance. But for now, it has been used for a small, cute and pink face.

Humanoid skin for humanoid robots

Inspired by human skin ligaments, researchers have added special holes to a robot’s face that help the skin layer to adhere. Professor Shoji Takeuchi, who led the project, is known as a pioneer in the field of biohybrid robotics. He has pioneered the development of mini robots that walk using biological muscle tissue, 3D-printed lab-grown meat, engineered skin that can heal and more. But in his view, robotic skin technology had to go one step further.

With this in mind, the team found a way to connect skin to complex structures by mimicking human skin ligament structures and using specially made V-shaped holes in solid materials. This allows robotic skin to move seamlessly with mechanical components without tearing or peeling.

The researchers think the new skin could give robots a range of new abilities. Self-healing is among them. According to the researchers, the biological skin developed can mimic human skin. So this artificial skin can repair small cuts, connect nerves and other skin organs, enable sensory functions and more.

It could also usher in a new era in the study of cosmetics, surgical techniques and plastic surgery. The team also applied their skin to a small robotic face that can smile. The researchers say that creating human-like expressions requires integrating sophisticated actuators or muscles into the robot and emphasize that the movement is as important as the material in achieving realism.

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