A Big Hike is on the Way from Türk Telekom to the Internet: New Prices Announced!

A Big Hike is on the Way from Türk Telekom to the Internet: New Prices Announced!

Türk Telekom announced on its official website that internet prices will increase without commitment. Here are the increased prices and more!

Türk Telekom announced on its official website that it will raise internet fees without commitment. This increase, which is not valid for subscribers with a commitment, will start to be applied as of July 1, 2024.

With the new increase, internet prices without commitment will increase. The price of the lowest internet package offering speeds up to “up to 12 Mbps” will increase from 650 TL to 755 TL. The statement on Türk Telekom’s official website is as follows:

“As of July 1, 2024, the list price of Internet at Home/Business tariffs, the list price of MEB tariffs, the list price of Lean/Alo access list price and the list price of Hello minute packages, the list price of Static IP and One-Time Transaction fees (transfer, transfer, line freeze, line shutdown) will be updated.

Only our non-committed customers will be affected by the aforementioned list price updates, and our committed customers will not be affected by any price changes during their commitment period. Our non-committed customers can also participate in our advantageous campaigns and continue their usage without being affected by any price changes.”

What will those with ongoing commitments do?

Increases in uncommitted internet fees will not be reflected in the internet fees of users with ongoing commitments.

Unlimited Internet PackagesInternet speedOld PriceNew Price (July 1)
ADSL, Fiber, Hiperup to 12Mbps650 TL755 TL
ADSL, Fiber, Hiperup to 16Mbps655 TL760 TL
Fiber / Hiperup to 24Mbps680 TL785 TL
Fiber / Hiperup to 35Mbps690 TL795 TL
Fiber / Hiperup to 50Mbps700 TL805 TL
Fiber / Hiperup to 75Mbps720 TL825 TL
Fiber / Hiperup to 100Mbps780 TL885 TL
Fiberup to 200Mbps900 TL1.030 TL
Fiberup to 500Mbps1.200 TL1.375 TL
Fiberup to 1000Mbps1.500 TL1.720 TL

So what do you think about the increases? You can share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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