The Hidden Paradise of the Southeast: Halfeti, Sanliurfa

Halfeti, a district of Şanlıurfa, has hosted many civilizations for centuries. Halfeti, half of which was under water with the Birecik Dam built in 2000, and settlements were created in the other half, is one of the most visited places in the district as a hidden paradise. You can reach Halfeti, which you can easily reach from Şanlıurfa bus station, via the Birecik district road with your private vehicle.

Halfeti Travel Guide

With the number of tourists increasing day by day, many activities have started to be done in the region. Known as the “Hidden Paradise” or “Lost City”, the part under the Euphrates River, Halfeti has natural beauties that are flooded with visitors. Çekem Neighborhood, Savaşan Village and Rumkale tour on the Euphrates River are just a few of the things you can do in the vicinity.

Halfeti Bridge, also known as the “Halfeti Strait”, which was built jointly by the GAP Administration and the Halfeti District Governorate, has a magnificent river view. Thanks to the lighting, the bridge has a very different atmosphere in the evenings.

Barşavma Church, which was built by Yakubi Aziz Barşavma in the 13th century, is one of the structures that have survived with its conjoined forms. The church, in which different cut stones are used, is one of the most remarkable architectures in Rumkale. Kantarma Village is also known as “Seljuk Inn”. The inn, which has a closed section and a courtyard, consists of large cut stones. Considering the technical features of the building, it is assumed that its construction dates back to the Middle Ages.

Nerses Church, built in the late 12th century in memory of Patrick Nerses, is another historical building in the area. This church, which was used as a place of worship by the Armenians, is located within the walls. It is also possible to discover the historical texture of the region on the water by participating in river tours in Halfeti. Especially watching the Rumkale region from the river gives people a completely different pleasure.

Halfeti, which is famous for its black rose, got this name because of the black flowers of the roses. Black rose, which is grown under the influence of the geographical conditions of the region, is grown in some parts of Halfeti.

Those looking for something to eat after the tour are recommended to taste the famous flavors of the region. Şabut fish kebab, eggplant kebab, fig kebab, rice with mukashşer, rice pudding, sunburst and cheese halva are definitely worth a try.

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