Mugla City Guide

Mugla City Guide

Muğla is one of the two most important summer tourism destination of Turkey with Antalya. Muğla has about 1 million population and an important tourism and agricultural center of Aegean Region. This is a place where each district is precious and blue and green match well. It is the only one in this regard in our country with its 1200 km coastline. Can you imagine a city with all famous districts ? Marmaris, Fethiye, Bodrum and others.. All of them have a good popularity on world tourism and host thousands of tourists every year.

With its history dating back to the Hittites, its unique nature and deep blue sea, Muğla welcomes thousands of local and foreign tourists today. Muğla is one of our cities that are completely under the influence of the Mediterranean climate. Summers are quite hot and dry, winters are partially warm and rainy. Mediterranean mountain climate is dominant in high parts. It is rarely seen in the interior but not on the coasts.

City Name



Population Density

Population Growth Rate

Surface Area

Number of Districts

Postal Code

Area Code

GDP (Per Capita)




76 / km2

1,62 %

12.654 km2




20.000 $

The districts of Muğla are so popular for world tourism. Especially, Bodrum, Datça, Marmaris, Fethiye and Köyceğiz are so important for the concept of Turkish tourism. As you can imagine, the tourism sector is one of the most important economic activities in Muğla. In Muğla, which welcomes millions of local and foreign guests every year, tourism income has an important contribution to the city economically. It is the third city in Turkey after Istanbul and Antalya, Mugla, the intense interest shown by foreign tourists.

Other important economic activities of Muğla are agriculture and animal husbandry. Provincial especially greenhouse tomatoes, seafood, honey and fresh fruit and vegetables is one of Turkey’s leading production regions. Agricultural products that make an important economic contribution to Muğla; bean, almond, pomegranate, orange, lemon tangerine, olive oil, eggplant, zucchini and cucumber. Ovine breeding, milk and dairy production, beekeeping and fishing are other livelihood activities of Muğla. The leading sectors in the Mugla industry are the production of marble and mineral products.

The districts of Muğla are Bodrum, Dalaman, Datça, Fethiye, Kavaklıdere, Köyceğiz, Marmaris, Milas, Menteşe, Ortaca, Seydikemer, Ula and Yatağan. You will find detailed information for all districts of Muğla in this guide.

Short History of Muğla

Mugla history dates back to BC 3000 years. In the first ages, this region was named as Caria since Karians were settled. The known history of the city starts with the Hittites. The Hittites called this region Lugga. After the disintegration of the empire, the Phrygians dominated, then the Lydians took over the region, while the Dorians and Ions migrated to the region. In 133, the Roman Empire came under the rule of the Eastern Roman Empire by dividing Rome into two. The capture of the Turks took place in 1284 by Menteşe Bey, one of the extremists.

In 1391, Yıldırım Beyazıt joined the Ottoman lands on his side, passed the rule of Timur in 1402, Timur gave this region back to Menteşeoğulları, and then in 1425, in the time of Murat II, the Menteşe Region was entirely under the sovereignty of the Ottoman Empire. At the time of the Menteşeoğulları, they went to the coasts and islands of Greece, Muğla, and took the island of Rhodes under their rule for a while. During this period, the Sait Jean knights who settled on the island of Rhodes fought with the Ottomans and Menteşeoğulları, and they held the Bodrum fortress for a while. However, in 1522, both the island of Rhodes and Bodrum Castle joined the Ottoman Empire by Suleiman the Magnificent.The center of Muğla province was Milas at the time of Menteşeoğulları; Muğla became a center during the Ottoman Empire.

When we look at the concept of accommodation in Muğla, we can observe that there are  high-quality accomodation facilities in different districts of Muğla. Thanks to tourism, you can find 5-star hotels in Bodrum, Fethiye, Marmaris and some other districts of the city. Blending its historical and cultural accumulation with its unique sea and bays, the way to experience the beauties of the brand city of Muğla is through the right accommodation choice that will allow you to enjoy the holiday. Muğla has a wide range of accommodation to offer all its guests.

5-star hotels in Mugla thinks for you and offers services above your expectations in terms of entertainment, recreation, activities, taste and comfort.
Mugla bungalow houses designed for those who want to go beyond the classic holiday experiences also meet the luxury comfort you are looking for.
There are several hotel facilities in the center of Muğla, where those who want to stay can find what they are looking for. You can choose Mugla hotels’ central businesses for easy access to everywhere and stay in touch with history. As a final word, you can find different kinds of hotels for different budgets. But, you should make early reservation before summer season because the price level increases during the high season.

The concept real estate for sale in Muğla or real estate for rent in Muğla will be so important if you need real estate. Because of the tourism potential, the real estate prices are so high. Especially, in tourism districts, the square meter prices reached to 7.000 TL in Bodrum. It’s very high when we look at the Turkey average. Considering the annual averages, the districts that gained the most value in Muğla province as of the end of June 2020 were Fethiye, Dalaman, Marmaris, Seydikemer, Bodrum, respectively.

Considering the depreciation periods, the districts with the fastest return in Muğla province as of the end of June 2020 were Marmaris, Dalaman, Menteşe, Ortaca, Ula, respectively.

You can check out detailed information about hospitals in Muğla in this guide. If you’re, our special health guide will be helpful for you. In Muğla , there are 9 state hospitals, 1 university training and research hospitals, and 10 private hospitals.  You can get high-quality health services in many health instutitions in Muğla .

Muğla is located in Aegean Region of Turkey. Road and air transportation is very easy to Muğla, which welcomes millions of local and foreign tourists every year. However, it may not be easy to find a place for buses and planes due to the busy summer months. Check out the details of transportation to Muğla in this page. It’s possible to find transportation alternatives on road, airway and seaway to Muğla. There is no railway connection in Muğla.

Road Transportation

Especially in the summer period around the time of Turkey’s possible to find buses to the district of Muğla. But as we mentioned above, the issue of finding tickets is experienced in the summer months. From many cities, you can find direct bus lines to Muğla city.

Air Transportation

There are two important airports in Muğla named as Dalaman Airport and Bodrum-Milas Airport. You can find direct flights to Muğla from Istanbul and Ankara. There are services from Dalaman and Milas-Bodrum airports to both the center and the districts. There are also car rental or taxi services at the airport exits. It is very important to make an early reservation to find cheap flight tickets to Muğla in the summer seasons.

Seaway Transportation

In the summer, there are regular ferry services between Muğla and some Greek islands. Check out the latest information to get detailed information.

Inner-city Transportation

You can find regular bus lines to almost all districts of Muğla every day. Muğla Intercity Bus Terminal is the central transportation point for the city. If you want to travel from Muğla to another district or city, it may be good for your to make early reservation.

The concept “Best places to visit in Muğla” or “Top 10 things to do and see in Muğla” are so important especially for first-time visitors. If you want to discover Muğla’s hidden paradises, check out our special guide. As you know, Muğla has  a lot of historical buildings and natural beauties to see. Ölüdeniz, located in Fethiye districts, is one of the most important places of Muğla. The region received the title of the world’s most beautiful beach in 2006. The sea is extremely calm and wave-free. Sedir Island is another important point of Muğla. It got its name from a legend about Cleopatra and it’s located in Ula district.  Saklıkent Canyon is a world-famous canyon of Muğla. The land has the feature of being a calcareous land. The land was easily eroded with waters and with the help of fault cracks, it developed into a canyon. You can have a really nice time in this canyon which is a wonder of nature and you can be in touch with nature.

Bodrum Castle is the symbol of Bodrum district. The castle has almost become a symbol of Bodrum. Today, it is used as an underwater archeology museum. Its construction started in 1406 by knights. Inside the castle, there are towers that have taken the names of different countries. The Valley of Butterflies is an important natural beauty in Muğla’s Fethiye district. There is no road connection, so you can only visit there by boats. On the other hand, of course there are a lot of places to see in Muğla.  Kabak Bay, Akyaka, Likya Road are the other must-see places of the city.

There are only 1 state university in the borders of Muğla. Muğla Sıtkı Koçman University is located in Aydın. In different districts, there are faculties and vocational schools.


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