Turkey Became a Pioneer in the World: Herd SİDA

Herd SİDA’s became the sign of a new era in the world. According to experts, who say that this is the first time Turkey has implemented this concept outside of the USA, we take this job very seriously and develop critical technologies on it.

The Albatros Herd IDA/MIR IDA cooperation, which went public for the first time, is of critical importance in terms of demonstrating Turkey’s capabilities. According to experts, who say that Turkey has implemented this concept for the first time outside the USA, many SİDAs herald a new era.

Turkey’s domestic and national defense industry efforts continue to bear fruit. Projects implemented under the coordination of the Presidency of Defense Industries (SSB) strengthen Ankara‘s hand in many different ways.

SSB President Prof. Dr. The new development that Ismail Demir recently announced also points to an important breaking point in terms of our country’s opportunities and capabilities, especially in the Blue Vatan. In the images, the new member of the Herd Unmanned Marine Vehicle (IDA) family, MIR IDA, is not only coming to light for the first time, but also performing duties together with ALBATROS-SIDAs.

So, why are IDAs important? What does it mean that different types of WBS can act with swarm logic?

Defense and Maritime Researcher Kozan Selcuk Erkan made striking statements on the subject.


Stating that herd SİDA is a very difficult task, Erkan said, “Although it has been on everyone’s lips lately, it is a concept that only the USA has said for now. We are the second country in the world to show that it can operate successfully with a mixed herd task group on SİDA, which only a few countries in the world have achieved. “We take this job very seriously and we develop critical technologies on it. The number of sensors is much higher and ASELSAN MIR IDA, a miniature mast of the warship, is a testament to our seriousness.”

Why are herd IDAs important?

Stating that the swarm concept does not just mean going to the target and shooting, Erkan shares his expectation that there will be different loaded IDAs for different tasks. Then, MIR takes a closer look at the IDA and says that this IDA can act as an unmanned command ship or a data processing/transmission center.

Erkan defines MIR IDA as a system that will increase the efficiency of other IDAs and, most importantly, enable them to communicate securely.

Mentioning that IDAs that will perform mine hunting, anti-submarine warfare and gunboat missions can work together in the near future, Erkan said, At this point, the importance of Aselsan ALBATRO herd and MIR IDA is revealed once again. Turkey is already producing systems that will work together in the near future and testing them in the field.

At this point, Kozan Selcuk Erkan shares another very critical piece of information. He notes that one of the most important surprises in the ASELSAN MIR system is the domestic camera system ASELSAN Kirlangic. In the video, the Swallow is seen fully operational on the boat. With CATS in air systems, external dependency was reduced. In naval systems, the Swallow comes to the fore as a domestic solution.


Although the talk about SİHAs mainly focuses on striking power, it is a process that should not be skipped that they are also very useful in reconnaissance-surveillance and intelligence. It is also a fact that Turkey can continue most of its activities, especially in the Aegean, with SİHAs instead of warplanes, and this is a serious cost advantage.

Making a statement on the subject, Kozan Selcuk Erkan said:

“There is a similar situation in the seas… A period is waiting for us when patrol ships will be very efficient as a substitute for or as a complement to coast guard boats. It is possible to control sea areas in peacetime, especially in cooperation with UAVs. In wartime, especially in the Aegean Sea maybe IDA’s will form the spearhead of the combat force first. It is more difficult to prevent boats with smaller targets, which will make it more cost-effective and with much more strain on the other side. The duties and skills of SİDAs are developing. While we have only seen SİDAs in charge of the police station for now, in the near future We will also see SİDAs in air defense, reconnaissance, intelligence, anti-submarine warfare. Let’s also consider that we have started to use İDA for patrol duties… We can easily control Greek harassment, human smuggling, illegal fishing by staying at sea for a very long time. When the SİDA issue is fully operational, we will see SİDAs. We can say that it will be the most cost-effective solution in the world. Its presence is very important for the reasons we have explained above.”

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