The Biggest Invention After iPhone! How Will Apple’s Robot Be?

The Biggest Invention After iPhone! How Will Apple’s Robot Be?

Apple will introduce Apple Intelligence features in home technologies with the new table-top robot. HomePod will not have AI support. Here are the details!

Apple plans to revolutionize home technology with a new product coming soon. As Mark Gurman reports for Bloomberg, Apple Intelligence features will no longer be limited to iPhones, Macs and iPads.

While it’s disappointing that features like next-generation Siri aren’t coming to products like HomePod, Apple’s first home device, a table-top robot, will fill the gap.

Apple's Robot

Innovative Step from Apple with Table-top Robot

Even if Apple Watch Series 10 lacks Apple Intelligence features, it could lay the foundation for them with its new chip. Expectations for Apple Intelligence features to come to home devices will be met with the table-top robot.

With this robotic device, Apple aims to personalize the user experience in video calls such as FaceTime.

Although the development of this device is still in its early stages, it stands out as the most advanced of Apple’s robotic projects.

It’s understandable that Apple won’t support Apple Intelligence on existing products like the HomePod, as these products are inadequate for AI features.

However, this new report suggests that even a next-generation HomePod will not receive an update to support new features like Siri. Instead, we will have to wait for the release of an advanced robotic device.

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