Robots Are Replacing Humans: Xiaomi Announces New Factory to Produce Smartphones!

Robots Are Replacing Humans: Xiaomi Announces New Factory to Produce Smartphones!

Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun officially announced the next generation smartphone manufacturing factory being built in Changping, Beijing!

Developing technology has largely eliminated the need for manpower in production. Today, regardless of the sector, we see more machines working instead of people. The situation is no different in the phone market. Xiaomi has announced its new factory that can work for 24 hours without humans.

Xiaomi Announces Smartphone Factory That Can Work 24 Hours Without People

Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun officially announced on Chinese microblogging platform Weibo that the next-generation smartphone production factory built in Changping, Beijing, will soon be operational. Jun, who also posted a video introducing the factory, said that the plant will be able to operate continuously for 24 hours without people.


In Xiaomi’s new smart factory, all machines will work in harmony. According to the company’s claim, a phone will be produced here every second. The quality control of the manufactured products will be carried out by the company’s self-developed machines. Moreover, it is said that the factory will perform its own maintenance and cleaning with micron-level dust removal.

The Chinese manufacturer is said to have made a huge investment of 2.4 billion yuan for the factory. With the entire production process to be automated by machines, it aims to produce 10 million smartphones annually. Finally, the factory will produce models such as the Xiaomi MIX Fold 4 and Xiaomi MIX Flip, which are expected to be showcased soon.

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