Nyobolt’s New EV Revolution: 5 Minute Charging Electric Sports Car on the Road!

Nyobolt’s New EV Revolution: 5 Minute Charging Electric Sports Car on the Road!

Nyobolt has introduced an ultra-light and fast-charging electric sports car. The 35 kWh battery completes a 10-80% charge in 4 minutes 37 seconds. Here are the details!

UK-based engineering firm Nyobolt has taken an important step forward in electric vehicle technology by launching the Nyobolt concept, an ultra-light and fast-charging sports vehicle. This vehicle draws attention with both its performance and charging speed and brings the company’s advanced battery solutions to the world.

Nyobolt’s Next Generation Electric Sports Car

Nyobolt’s Nyobolt EV concept was unveiled last year as a static show car, but now it is becoming a reality in a testable version. An electric redesign of the S1 Lotus Elise, it has 470 horsepower and weighs just 1246 kg. Designed by Julian Thomson, this vehicle stands out with its lightweight structure and aerodynamic features.

The biggest feature of Nyobolt EV lies in its battery technology. The company aims to offer long range, fast charging times and long life thanks to battery solutions developed with high-density cell technology and advanced battery management software.


In the tests conducted, it was observed that the vehicle’s 35 kWh capacity battery could be charged from 10% to 80% in just 4 minutes and 37 seconds. This is a performance beyond even today’s fastest charging vehicles.

Nyobolt is also ambitious about battery durability. The company says that by performing 4000 full fast charging cycles, the battery’s usable capacity remains above 80%. That’s many times more performance than the warranties of the much larger battery-powered vehicles on the road today.

Nyobolt emphasizes that its technology has a wide application potential outside the automotive sector. The company says it can offer solutions in segments ranging from premium cars to performance vehicles. In addition, industrial robotic applications and logistics can also benefit from the advantages of battery technology.


Nyobolt’s CEO Sai Shivareddy believes that the company’s technology can overcome the barriers to the adoption of electric vehicles, which is why they are in talks with key OEMs. The company is primarily focused on the premium segment, but also sees potential for performance and passion vehicles.

Nyobolt’s Nyobolt EV aims to make a difference in the electric vehicle market with its technological innovations and performance. The company’s future plans include increasing battery production to power millions of vehicles worldwide.

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