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The consequences of overstaying in Turkey

Update : 03.09.2015 Overstaying in Turkey might occur in three possible ways; A foreign national, might overstay a visa; or might breach the 90 in 180 days rule during his/her stay in Turkey, or might continue to stay in Turkey without renewing his/her residence permit after its expiry period.

90 in any 180 Days Rule In compliance with the Decision of the Council of Ministers dated 10.10.2011, No: 2011/2306, starting from 01 February 2012, total duration of stay of foreigners who visit Turkey as tourists cannot exceed 90 days in any 180 days period. Foreigners, who are intending to stay in Turkey longer than mentioned period (90 days in 180 days period), are required to apply for residence permit.

An overstayer, in all mentioned circumstances, will be subject to administrative fine and as well as might be barred to re-enter Turkey lawfully for a fixed term.


In case of overstaying tourist visa (or breaching 90/180 days rule)  or exceeding validity period of residence permit, foreigners will be subject to administrative fines.   According to Law on Duties no: 492 section 6, failing to apply for residence permit or failing to renew the existing one, does not prevent collection of the fees for overstayed period. Administrative fine may vary according to the nationality of the foreigner. This fee is calculated on the basis of double amount of existing permit fee charges. In addition to the permit fees, if applicable, administrative fine may include residence permit card fee  and single entry visa fee.  (For details permit fees page.)

2015 RESIDENCE PERMIT FEESOTHER COUNTRIESAlbaniaPhilippinesIsraelJapanCambodiaMacedoniaMaliOmanTajikistanBelgiumBelarusAlgeriaSpainKuwaitJordanLuxemb.MaltaSingaporeTaiwanEthiopiaSouth KoreaHong KongMicronesiaRussiaMoroccoIvory CoastIraqMontenegroEgyptTunisiaSerbiaFijiNorwayChileK. Marino
DAILY FEES1  $0.5 $0.4 $0.3 $0.2 $13,30 TL
MINIMUM  MAXIMUM10-25 $5-14 $4-9 $3-7 $2-5 $24,80-126,70 TL
FIRST MONTH25 $14 $9 $7 $5 $126,70 TL
REMAINING MONTHS5 $3.5 $2.5 $1.5 $0.5 $84,20TL


An entry ban is imposed to the foreign nationals who are staying in Turkey illegally when they don’t have valid visa or a valid residence permit.

In case of an overstay of less than 10 days, no entry ban will be imposed.  Moreover “entry ban order will not be issued against the foreigners who exceed the duration of visa, visa exemption or residence permit for more than ten days and arrive at the border gates to exit before a removal decision is taken against them. However, the foreigners who violate the mentioned durations of visa, visa exemption, work permit or residence permit will pay a fine.” (For more information you may consult to the  Ministry of Interior Directorate General  of Migraion Management –Frequently Asked Questions about Foreigners.)

The Length of ban is approximately corresponds to the length of overstayed period.  Notification about the entry ban period and the administrative fine is issued at the border gates.  In case of failing to pay imposed administrative fine, a foreign national might be barred to enter Turkey for five years period.

Maximum duration of an entry ban to Turkey is five years. “The entry ban to Turkey for foreigners whose visa or residence permit has expired and who has applied to the governorates to exit from Turkey before their situation is established by the competent authorities upon which a removal decision has been taken, shall not exceed one year.” (Art.9/4  Law no 6458 on Foreigners and International Protection)

Entry ban might be lifted in case the overstayed person applies to the Turkish missions abroad for the relevant type of visa. Applications are forwarded to the Turkish Ministry of Interior for approval and the visa can be issued upon the affirmative instructions of the Ministry.

Please consider that the website you have visited contains general information only, not legal advice. Although Expat Guide Turkey Relocation has taken great care in compiling the content of Expat Guide publication and Expat Guide Turkey website,we cannot guarantee that all information is accurate and complete.


  • For Entry Ban, you may consult to Articles 9 and 10, for new deportation rules you may consult to the second part (section 4) of the Law no.6458.
  • For the interpretation of the Law no.6458,you may consult to the official page of Directorate General of the Migration Management. Frequently Asked Questions about Foreigner

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  1. Hello there Ugandan i lived in turkey 2021 i got a job and my employer delayed to apply for my work permit , when my r sidence expired i tried applying for renewal and i was constantly rejected i decided to exit the country and i was given a one year ban for over staying and paid a penalty ! My ban was ended on 14 th November 2022 but when I applied again a week later after 14th they told me that my ban was still in the system ! When should I apply again? I need advice thanks in advance

  2. Hello
    I’m from lebanon I’m in turkey from one year and I was getting a residence permit but they refused to renew it for me and I got the answer that my request to renew my permit residence in 19th of September and I’m leaving turkey in the 7th of October so just I need to know how much I’ll pay in the ihlal visa office at the airport the day when I’m leaving or just I need to know how to calculate it.
    Please note that the total numbers of days will be around 18 days.

    Thank you.

  3. How much fine a pakistani pay at airport if he is overstayed over 5 months and want to come back to pakistan. Regards

    1. did you get your overstay paid?
      i need help in the case of over stay . kindly contact me at javairia984@gmail

  4. Hello,
    On April I had my Ikamet application rejected. My 90 days expired 2 days after the rejection but I just left the country on my 91 day. While crossing the passport control in Bodrum port to take a ferry to Greece, the officer didn’t say anything about it. He didn’t charge any overstay fine, just stamped my passport and wished me a good trip. The whole process lasted less than 30 seconds. Now that the 90 days period out the country is over, I need to go back Turkey to take my stuff. Is there any chance that I was banned?

    Thank you,

  5. I was in turkey for 89 days then went to Europe for 2 weeks and purchased a new Visa to turkey. Upon re-entry I was told I can only stay one day or else I’ll face penalties. I mentioned my new visa was approved however this was not considered. I’m currently in turkey and will be planning to leave next week which means I’ll be violating my visa by 13 days. How much will it cost me when I leave as an Australian?

  6. Hello
    Im french citizen, i over stayed in turkish since 5 months.
    Do you know how much should i pay to airport police ?
    Where can i contact airport police station please?

  7. Hi,

    I have been staying in turkey for almost 3 months and I am waiting for my residency application to be accepted. If I am denied, and I stay in turkey illegally for 4 months and I leave for a week, will I be denied entry when I try and come back? Or just have to pay a fee?

  8. I am a university student and i have overstayed for like 4 month will i be banned from entering the country?

  9. I have an Iraqi passport. I was granted 30 days in turkey, if I was in turkey for 45 days, what will be my consequences?

  10. I have over stayed in turkey for 4 years if I pay fine will they ban me from entering Turkey?

    1. Hello,

      Kindly ask you to check with the passport control officer during your departure in regards of re-entry ban duration.

      Thank you,

      Are you satisfied with the answers we have given to your questions? ExpatGuideTurkey would like to know your feedback. Please leave a comment on our page.

      1. That’s a terrible answer! It’s obvious the user would like to know BEFORE they depart, not find out any surprises at the exact time of their departure. You could have at least provided a ‘likely’ scenario, or hypothetical answer.

    2. The passport control will put the period on your boarding pass. Then you need to go to an office where they will calculate the fine that you need to pay. The fine needs to be paid otherwise you will be banned. Payment is also in cash.

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