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Residence Permit Fees in Turkey (2024)

Pay fees to get a residence permit in Turkey of foreign-to-date figures for 2024 have tried to specify the page, if you have any questions, please use the comments section below, our editors will respond to the site within a very short period of time

Residence permit fees in Turkey

Residence permit fees in Turkey (2024)

Residence permit card fee: 565,00 TL

Residence permit fee: (It depends on countries you are from.)

Health Insurance fees: (Varies depending on the age of the foreigner) It is compulsory for foreigners under 65.

Notary and Translation fee: 1.800 TL (Average)

Apostille certification fees: 89,23 / TL per page (May not be required)

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Residence Permit Cost

The private health insurance, which is mandatory for the foreigner, varies between 500 and 1.750 TL, the detailed price list is below.

If the residence permit is approved, the one-year fee and card fee increases to maximum of 1.250 TL. (Except for citizens of Norway-Serbia-Fiji-Chile)

Tuition amounts by country

Residence permit costs
For USA, UK and many other countries80 $
Norway-Serbia-Fiji-Chile449.70 $
Belgium-Belarus-Algeria-Spain-Kuwait-Jordan-Luxembourg-Malta-Singapore-Taiwan39 $
Albania-Philippines-Israel-Japan-Cambodia-Mali-Oman-Tajikistan560 $
Morocco-Ivory Coast-Iraq-Montenegro-Egypt-Tunisia11 $
Ethiopia-South Korea-Hong Kong-Micronesia-Russia25 $

You must pay an administration fee for your residence card.

This fee is 565,00 TL for the year 2024.

Health insurance is compulsory for those under 65.

Private health insurance prices for residence permits »

Age Fees Age Fees
0-5 1.300 TL 41-45 1.250 TL
6-17 1.300 TL  46-50 1.500 TL
18-25 800 TL  51-55 1.700 TL
 26-30 1.000 TL 56-60 2.400 TL
31-35 1.050 TL 61-64 4.000 TL
36-40 1.150 TL 65-70 5.500 TL

Residence permit fees for children are half that of adults.

NOTE: Some countries that are not listed are exempt from this fee. Instead, you have to pay 5.476,00 TL, which is the Single Entry Visa Fee. (One-time payment)

If you are not sure whether your country of citizenship is exempt, please inquire at the Turkish Consulate or your own embassy.

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  1. What type of visa should I apply for if I want to rent an apartment for one year and live in Turkey but not work as an Australian citizen?

  2. Hi. I’m coming April 16 2022 with my wife and my daughter, I want to rent and apply for residence permit. Can you do all the paperwork for me and arrange for me to get residency permit, thank you

  3. Hi ! I need information about the multiple entry visa for turkey . I have a single entry visa for muy business trip of 180 days.
    I will go to turkey in may 2022 for a business meeting on behalf of my company.
    So , may be I have to go again for business meetings to turkey .
    How can I get a multiple entry visa ?
    Please let me know about this.

  4. AssalamOalykum Kardis,
    I am an experienced chef from Pakistan & want to settle in Turkey with my wife. Please advise on below;
    1. After IST arrival expenses to get TRP?
    2. What are the charges If I register my food / restaurant to get licensed?
    3. What will be your service charges for both services seperately?

  5. Asalamalakum
    Actually I am looking for residency in Turkey along with my family


    1. Hello,

      For detailed information in regards of residence permit application for you and your family, you may contact us by 4447284.

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    1. Hello,

      Our company provides residence permit service for foreigners, for detailed information you may contact us by 4447284.

      Thank you,

      Are you satisfied with the answers we have given to your questions? Ata Institutional Consuntancy would like to know your feedback. Please leave a comment on our page.

      1. Hi I am from Pakistan I am going uae in visit I can go in other country from uae on my uae visit visa

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