New iOS 17 Beta Released: What New Features Have Arrived?

New iOS 17 Beta Released: What New Features Have Arrived?

Apple has released new public beta versions of iOS 17, iPadOS17, and macOS Sonoma. So what does the new update bring? Details are here!

Apple released the first of the public beta versions of iOS17, iPadOS 17, and macOS Sonoma on Wednesday. With these releases, the company introduced new features for dual SIM users, such as full-page screenshots, bilingual Siri, and better SMS sorting.

The Cupertino-based company has added bilingual query support to Siri, starting with certain Indian languages. This means users can ask Siri questions by mixing English and Hindi. Users will also be able to mix English with Telegu, Punjabi, Kannada or Marathi. This is especially useful for users based in India who use different languages ​​in daily conversations.

iOS 17

Taking Full Page Screenshots Is Now Easier

Apple is also bringing the full-page screenshot feature to iOS17, which Android phones have been offering for years via “Scroll screenshots”. Users can save it as an image or PDF file.

Users also get better dual-SIM support in iOS17, with messages sorted by SIM, individual ringtones for each SIM, and the ability to select a SIM when calling back from an unknown number.

Apple will release stable versions of iOS17, iPad 17, and macOS Sonoma this fall. Existing beta versions are expected to have some bugs, so if you don’t want to install them on your main device, you can wait for the final public release.

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