Google Announces Features Only Available on iOS

Google Announces Features Only Available on iOS

Google today announced features that can only be used on phones with the iOS operating system. Details are here!

Technology company Google has rolled out a number of features that will make its search engine app Chrome more useful. These features, which will be valid on iOS, will bring practicality to many plugins, especially Lens search.

Google Continues Updates

With the update released by Google today, you will now be able to find any picture you see while surfing the internet with your phone, thanks to the Lens feature.


The Lens feature, which had a limited search before, can also be used to make sense of objects and translate languages ​​in real time with the new feature.

In addition to the Lens feature, Google also announced an update for the maps app. Pressing and holding an address in Chrome will allow you to find the location without redirecting to a separate window with a mini Google Maps display option.

Going to a mini change for the calendar application, Google will offer the opportunity to save it to the calendar by clicking on the calendar you set in the browser.

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