Driver Sues Tesla: “Vehicle Forced Me Into Accident”

Driver Sues Tesla: “Vehicle Forced Me Into Accident”

A driver using Tesla’s autonomous driving support sued Tesla, claiming that the vehicle forced him into an accident. Details are here!

The problems with Tesla’s autonomous driving system (FSD) are endless. This time, a vehicle driver filed a lawsuit against the company, which was previously tried for some fatal accidents. According to the driver’s claim, the vehicle forced him into an accident.

Using the electric car sharing system Revel, Akm Şemsuzzaman claimed that Tesla, which he used for work, drove himself on pedestrians and had an accident as a result.

Tesla Returns to Court

Compared to other electric vehicle manufacturers, Tesla’s introduction of autopilot support much earlier and capturing a large user base across the USA is seen as one of the company’s greatest achievements in recent years. However, in the past months, the name of the Tesla autopilot has been involved in many accidents.

Driver Sues Tesla

It is stated that Tesla autopilot is in control in some fatal accidents. However, it is claimed that Akm Şemsuzzaman was almost never guilty in the accident. Shamsuzamman claims that the vehicle took off without warning in a parking garage and drove into pedestrians.

The driver, who pressed the brakes to stop, states that when he realized that the brakes were not working, he drove the vehicle into an empty parking lot to avoid hitting people and forced the vehicle to crash. Shamsuzamman, who was seriously and permanently injured after the accident, sued Tesla in the New York State Supreme Court.

While the model of the defective Tesla vehicle is not specified, the case is thought to take several years. On the other hand, accidents involving Tesla autopilot in the USA continue to increase day by day. If accidents continue, Tesla could lose their autopilot licenses.

Driver Sues Tesla: “Vehicle Forced Me Into Accident”

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