Musk’s humanoid robot Tesla Bot can now walk with friends

A new video has been shared for Tesla Bot, the humanoid robot that Elon Musk attaches great importance to. The video is quite remarkable in that it shows the slow but sure development of the Tesla Bot.

Tesla officially introduced the humanoid robot Tesla Bot, codenamed Optimus, late last year. Although it has not been long since the introduction, a new video was shared showing the development of the Tesla Bot. When we look at the published video, we do not see that Tesla Bot has experienced a dramatic development for only months, but we understand that the process is taking firm steps.

Tesla Bot takes firm steps forward

The video shows new footage of Tesla Bots, which appears to be a production-ready chassis walking forward (slowly) without some of the stumbles we saw in Tesla’s early teasers. Robots can apparently also do other things, like picking up items and recognizing objects. Musk shared this video at the shareholders meeting and claimed that the images were put together just a day ago.

Tesla’s Bot, designed as a humanoid robot, first appeared at the company’s AI Day event last year. At the time, Tesla showed off a barely walking version of the robot, let alone doing any crafts on stage. Now, Tesla is showing robots that can move independently, albeit slowly.

The video highlights some of the specific updates to the Tesla Bot project, including engine torque control, environment exploration and memorization, AI training from human-tracked movements, and manipulating objects. A Tesla Bot was shown to take objects from one container and put them in a second container. And yes, even in this state, we can say that Tesla Bot has a long way to go. However, the development achieved in just 7 months shows that Musk’s dreams are not far away.

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