Xiaomi Developed Lie Detector for Smartphones: How Will It Work?

The flagship phones that Xiaomi will release in the future can also be used as a lie detector. The Chinese company has patented a lie detector for use in mobile devices.

Xiaomi has patented a lie detector that can be placed on devices such as a smartphone or laptop. The company’s work in this direction emerged thanks to an interesting patent document that was reflected in the Chinese press.

The polygraph was invented in 1921, which is used to detect if a person is lying by being attached to him. The device in question can determine the level of stress by measuring physiological changes in the body, such as blood pressure and heart rate increase.

Patent Details Revealed

It is known that a person who lies has a faster heartbeat, blinks more often, and has dilated pupils. The technology patented by Xiaomi uses the last two of these parameters. In other words, the system will focus on the eyes of the other person.

The company has developed a special camera with a telephoto lens that monitors the user’s face and pupils. Algorithms integrated into the camera will follow the behavior of the person. Let’s say if the pupil dilates to 4-8% of its original size during the response, or if the participant starts blinking 8 times more often, this will indicate that he is lying.

The camera’s artificial intelligence will be able to determine whether the pupil dilation is due to stress or a lie. Xiaomi’s patent has already been approved, but it’s unclear which devices the company intends to use the technology on. The company may also launch the lie detector as a separate product.

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