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What should Foreigners do after Moving to Another City in Turkey?

As you know, thousands of foreigners visit Turkey to take education, work or investment purposes. In particular, hundreds of thousands of foreigners reside in important metropolises such as Istanbul, Antalya, Ankara, Izmir and Gaziantep. Foreigners must have a valid work permit, residence permit or visa in order to legally reside in Turkey. In addition, by obtaining Turkish citizenship, it is possible to reside in Turkey indefinitely and benefit from the rights enjoyed by citizens. In addition, foreigners who will reside in Turkey for a long time must have a legal residence address. It is a legal obligation for foreigners to notify the competent authorities in case of a possible change of address, within the specified periods. In this article, we will shortly talk about the application of change of residence address for foreigners in Turkey.

How to Change Residence Address?

First of all, we would like to remind you that foreigners with a valid residence permit in Turkey are required to specify a residence address, and if there has been a change in this address, they must notify the population directorates within legal time limits. Foreigners who want to change their residence address in Turkey, in accordance with the 14th article of the Law No. 5683, to the police authorities of the city where they will reside and the city they leave, within 2 days, as well as the province within 20 working days pursuant to the paragraph (1) of the 14th article of the “Address Registration System Regulation”. or to the district population directorates, it is a legal obligation. If foreigners do not make these notifications or make them late, they may face administrative fines.

Residence Address Change for Foreigners Under Temporary Protection

In this context, the obligation to notify foreigners who are within the scope of the temporary protection regulation in Turkey has been brought, and if those who want to change their residence address apply to the Provincial Directorates of Migration Management of the province they are in, the necessary update process is provided. In addition, the address information of the Temporary Accommodation Centers was shared with the General Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs in order to register the Syrians under temporary protection, who were housed in the Temporary Accommodation Center, to the address registration system.

If you have questions about the change of residence address for foreigners, you can ask them to us in the comments section.

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  1. We are trying to register a change of address. We moved from Mersin to Antalya. We have been on the website but cannot complete our application.

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