What is WhatsApp Plus? How to Download and Use?

What is WhatsApp Plus? How to Download and Use?

What is WhatsApp Plus, which has a great popularity, what are its features, how to download it to the phone? If you are wondering the answer to these questions, you are in the right place.

What is WhatsApp Plus, which brings new features to WhatsApp Messenger, how to use it, what are its features, how to download it to Android phone? In this article, we will answer the questions asked by many smartphone users.

WhatsApp Messenger was first made available to smartphone users in January 2009. The application, which has gained great popularity around the world in a short time and has achieved great success, includes various features.

Although the popular instant messaging application has many features, it does not fully meet the needs of most users. In such a case, users turn to third-party applications. At the beginning of these applications is WP Plus.

You are likely to hear the name of the application in question while surfing the Internet or in the circle of friends because it is at least as popular as WhatsApp Messenger. In this article, we will answer many questions about WhatsApp Plus APK Download. In this way, you can have detailed information.

What is WhatsApp Plus?

WhatsApp Plus is a third-party application that offers features not found in the original version of WhatsApp Messenger. The biggest advantage of the app is that it removes certain restrictions from the original version of WhatsApp Messenger. The app offers some features like remove blue tick, turn off last seen so others can still see last seen time.

What are WhatsApp Plus Features?

  • Theme Variety
  • File Sizes
  • Chat Encryption
  • Who viewed my profile
  • Blue Tick Removal
  • Emoji Variety
  • Last Seen Shutdown

WP Plus APK provides numerous features to upgrade the user experience. Most of these features are not included in the instant messaging application called WhatsApp Messenger. For this reason, many users prefer the popular third-party application.

Above are the features offered by the third-party application, which is used by the majority of smartphone users with the Android operating system.

Theme Variety

Users are offered two different options regarding the theme. You can choose a theme you like in the theme store or customize the interface of the application according to you. The instant messaging application, which has been spent for a long time, thus achieves the appearance that the user wants.

WhatsApp Messenger currently has two theme options, dark and normal mode. This application, on the other hand, offers users a great variety of themes. You can choose a theme from the app’s theme store or customize the app’s interface according to you.

WhatsApp Plus

You can start using the application by choosing one of the various theme options. Thus, you can add a new dimension to the application. This significantly improves the user experience because using the same theme over and over can be tedious.

File Sizes

WhatsApp Plus APK allows you to transfer larger files to your contacts by bending the limitations set by the original version of the app. This feature is another function that improves the user experience.

It is only possible to send files up to 16 MB in WhatsApp Messenger. You can send larger files to your friends or family in that particular app. So if you need to send a file larger than 16MB, you don’t have to worry.

WhatsApp Plus

Chat Encryption

You can prevent others from reading your private messages by adding encryption to your chats thanks to the feature in the third-party application that most users prefer.

You may not want other people to see some of your messages. You can add encryption to your chats through the WhatsApp Plus app, so you can prevent other people from reading your private messages. It is possible to perform this operation in a very practical way through the application.

Who viewed my profile

Are you wondering which users visit your account in the instant messaging application, which has a great popularity around the world? If your answer is yes, you can take a look at the application in question as it contains the answer to your question.

WP Plus offers a feature for users who are wondering who the people visiting their profile are. Thanks to the application in question, you can see which people viewed your profile. This is a very important feature for some users.

WhatsApp Plus

Blue Tick Removal

The application, which draws attention with its rich features, has many more features. Another feature that directly affects the usage is the removal of blue ticks indicating that the messages have been read and the prevention of information such as “Writing…”, “Saving…”. As you know, the other party can see these transactions while writing messages and recording voices in the application.

Emoji Variety

Offering a wide variety of emoji, the application has many extra emojis. It allows you to use more emojis with this app. To use the extra emojis provided by this app, the recipient must also use the same app, otherwise the recipient won’t be able to see the emojis you sent.

Therefore, you do not need to worry that the other party cannot see the emojis you send. The other party can also see your emojis if they install the WP Plus APK app.

Last Seen Shutdown

If you disable the last seen status in the instant messaging application called WhatsApp Messenger, you will not be able to see the last seen time of other users. This application, on the other hand, continues to show the last seen time of other people even if the last seen status is turned off.

WhatsApp Plus

How to Use WhatsApp Plus?

  • Download WhatsApp+ first.
  • After the file is downloaded, open the file.
  • After that, the installation process will begin.
  • Before you download the app, you should know that WP Plus is a third-party app. It has no direct relationship with Facebook. This means that the app may cause some security issues. Tamindir and its editors do not accept any responsibility in this regard.

Download WhatsApp Plus APK

Adding a whole new dimension to the application with its features, WhatsApp+ is not available on the Google Play Store, the official application store of the Android operating system. Therefore, in order to have the application, you need to download the WhatsApp Plus APK file.

WhatsApp Plus Not Downloading, What to Do?

WhatsApp Plus, which is a very popular application among Android users, can sometimes experience some problems. Among the problems faced by users is getting an error message while trying to download the application. If you have encountered this error, you can solve the problem very easily and quickly.

If you are encountering the error “Cannot install from external sources” while trying to download WhatsApp+, enable the option to install from other sources in the settings. After enabling this option, try restarting the installation process.

In this article, we answered many questions about the third-party application called WhatsApp+, which is wondered by the majority of smartphone users with Android operating system. Do not forget to share your thoughts on the subject with us in the comments section below.

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