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What Does the Application for International Protection be “Considered Withdrawal”?

As is known, refugees who apply for international protection by the Migration Administration cannot leave the city without permission if they are placed in a certain city. For this reason, problems arise in the international protection application processes of foreigners who leave the city deemed suitable for them without permission. Situations such as a foreigner who has applied for international protection leave the city of residence without permission, fail to attend the interview three times without an excuse, or fail to fulfill his obligations in the city of residence can be interpreted as the application made by the Immigration Administration is not followed up, and the application can be deemed “withdrawn”. With the withdrawn application decision, the application of the foreigner for international protection is removed from the process. Although the foreigner has the right to object to this decision, if no objection is made within the specified time and procedures, a deportation decision can be made about the foreigner.

Foreign refugees whose applications are considered to have been withdrawn can file an objection petition to the International Protection Evaluation Commission within 10 days after the decision is communicated to them. The commission that processes the objection decides on the objection within 15 days. If the objection does not reach a final decision or results in a negative result within this process, an application can be made to the administrative court in the region within 30 days from the date of notification of the decision to the foreigner. During these appeal processes, a deportation decision is not taken against the foreigner.

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