Unmanned Underwater Vehicle “Explorer” Will Search For Oil At Sea

Istanbul Technical University (ITU) students developed the “Explorer”, an unmanned underwater vehicle that can perform many tasks such as mining underwater. The underwater vehicle “Explorer”, which will be used in many tasks such as underwater research, missions at depths beyond the reach of humans, search and rescue works, installation, maintenance and repair of open sea platforms and underwater pipelines, underwater habitat scanning, mineral exploration. (EXPLORER MARK 2) is on display at TEKNOFEST BLACK SEA, held at Samsun Carsamba Airport.

Hasan Fatih, a 3rd year Computer Engineering student at Istanbul Technical University, told AA that he had been working for 2 years in the ITU ROV team, which was established to develop underwater robots. Expressing that the explorer is a vehicle designed to make technical and structural analyzes under water, and to search for mines and similar things, Fatih said, “It can also act as a convoy during the journey to the ships. Do technical work under water. Welding or something… You can do something with the robotic arms in front of you. can pick it up.” said.

unmanned underwater vehicle

Can Take Risky Jobs

Pointing out that Kasif can work in pressurized and cold waters where people cannot go down, Fatih said, “In the tests we have done so far, we have managed to go down to a depth of 150-200 meters. Thanks to the sonar found, it can perform structural analysis tests. Thanks to these sonars, it can see possible targets. Underwater oil pipes. It can be used in welding and similar processes, water pipes transported to Cyprus, etc. Underlining that the vehicle was produced with national and domestic means, Fatih said, “I can say that the rate is above the domestic level. It is currently 80 percent. In the future, this vehicle will be able to perform much higher-level tasks on an industrial scale. Undiscovered underwater mines in the seas will be searched with this type of vehicle. This area will gain even more importance in 20-30 years.”

unmanned underwater vehicle

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