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Do you have an idea about “study in Istanbul Technical University” ? If you have, check out our special university guide to get detailed information about Istanbul Technical University’s education and social conditions. It is a state technical university founded in 1773 in Istanbul under the name of Mühendishane-i Bahrî-i Hümâyûn. It continues its academic activities with 13 faculties, 37 departments and 5 institutes. Central Campus is located in Maslak, Istanbul. Making the first television broadcasts in Turkey, the establishment of the first university radio, first-time users of the university computer, to send a satellite into space of a Turkish university for the first time; the first domestic communications satellite, and the first domestic unmanned helicopter was carried out by first domestic car made in many fields such as engineering, the first ITU in Turkey.

Ayazağa Campus

Educational buildings of Istanbul Technical University are located in five campuses. The main settlement, Ayazağa Campus, is in the Maslak district, which has become the new financial center of Istanbul. Rectorate and administrative units are located on this campus. The Ayazağa Campus, which covers an area of 247 hectares, has undergraduate education Faculty of Construction, Electricity-Electronics, Chemistry-Metallurgy, Mining, Science-Literature, Aircraft and Space, Shipbuilding and Marine Sciences.

Maçka Campus

The Maçka Campus has a Faculty of Business, English Preparatory School, Department of Language and Revolution History, Turkish Music Conservatory, Istanbul Technical University Foundation offices and Istanbul Technical University Social Facilities. The social facility has the hotel, restaurant, outdoor swimming pool and tennis courts for foreign and domestic guests. There is also a kindergarten and a kindergarten on this campus. The cable car service, which provides the connection between Taşkışla and Maçka Campuses, provides an important opportunity for our students.

Prep. School

In the programs that have 30% or 100% English education, students are prepared in the most equipped way, thanks to their ability to understand foreign language lessons comfortably, as well as the academic language proficiency they will need throughout their education life, in their undergraduate preparatory program. English education is supported throughout the entire university education with courses such as ‘Advanced English’ and ‘Academic Article Writing’ included in the curriculum of all engineering departments.


There is a library in all campuses of Istanbul Technical University. The central library is the Mustafa Inan Library on the Ayazaga Campus. The central library, whose door never closes, is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a year. Also; On the Gümüşsuyu Campus, there is the Rival Berker Library of the Faculty of Architecture, the Faculty of Architecture on the Taşkışla Campus, the Faculty of Business Library on the Maçka Campus, the School of Foreign Languages and the Library of Music Advanced Research Center, and the Maritime Faculty Library on the Tuzla Campus. Istanbul Technical University libraries include; It has a rich knowledge and document with 500 thousand books and magazines, 450 thousand master and doctoral theses, 40 thousand electronic books, 54 databases and 6 thousand rare works.

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