Travel Guide: Trabzon, Uzungol

The blue of the sky, white clouds and a lush forest landscape welcome you in Uzungol… You breathe the sky as the clear waters of Uzungol flow into the Black Sea. Uzungol, which is 99 km from Trabzon and 19 km from Caykara district, at an altitude of 1090 m above sea level, is a natural lake that is rumored to have been formed by the sliding of soil and rocks from the slopes of the valley. Sherah was found in the 1600s. Settlement as a result of a landslide that closed the Haldizen Stream of the village. The settlement area formed around it takes its name from “Uzungol”.

Trabzon Uzungol, which attracts the attention of local and foreign tourists, has a very high tourism potential. Trekking, bird watching, botanical tours on the lake and in the highest Haldizen valley of Trabzon, as well as tours to the lakes between the high mountains or to the plateaus where the unique wooden village houses of traditional Black Sea architecture can be visited, as well as Sekersu, Demirkapı, Plateau fronts which are close to natural beauties. . Haldizen Mountain is 3,325 meters high. The lake, which was formed as a result of a landslide that closed the stream bed as a natural dam in the Haldizen valley, presents an attractive view with the spruce forests covering the steep slopes and slopes around it. Uzungol differs little seasonally in terms of water level. Located at an altitude of 1090 m, the lake is approximately 1000 meters long, 500 meters wide and 15 meters deep. Natural trout live in the lake.


When to go to Uzungol?

Trabzon Uzungol receives visitors throughout the year. It has another beauty in summer and another in winter, but it receives the most visitors in summer. Generally, few visitors visit Uzungol during the winter months. Visitors are usually tourists from Europe. Our local tourists, who seek silence and natural beauty in winter, of course visit Uzungol during the winter months. Tourists visiting Trabzon Uzungol during the summer months are generally from the Arab world. During the summer months, Arab tourists flock to it. It is possible to come across Arab tourists during the winter months.

Local Tastes of Uzungol

Restaurants with the most delicious masters of the Black Sea are waiting for you around Uzungol. You can start the day with an energetic excursion program by having an organic breakfast here. In this sense, we can recommend you to eat muhlama for breakfast that you have not eaten or tasted in the region before. The flavor, which is offered as a mixture of corn flour and a type of cheese called minci, turns into a delicious meal that you can eat with your fingers by being roasted in real butter produced in the highlands. The flavor that you will definitely want to see in your breakfast menu is included in the organically served breakfast as a hot menu.

Activities to Do in Uzungol

Of course, exploring the magnificent nature should be at the top of your to-do list in Uzungol. You can explore this nature on foot or by jeep safari, the choice is yours. After discovering the nature on the unique plateaus and by the lake, you will once again admire the Black Sea.

Shopping in Uzungol

There are souvenirs and souvenirs that you can buy as a souvenir of Uzungol during your visit to this natural wonder holiday resort.

Helicopter Tour in Uzungol

Recently, a very interesting activity has been offered to the visitors, this activity is a unique opportunity for those who want to watch Uzungol from a bird’s eye view, yes, helicopter tour in Uzungol has been a very popular activity model lately.

Paragliding in Uzungol

Akyazı Flight Hill 10 km from Trabzon, Akcakale Hill 25 km away, Varoz flight hill 35 km away, Duzkoy Hacka training hill and Uzungol flight hill are important tracks.

ATV Tour in Uzungol

You can make an ATV tour by renting an ATV or accompanied by professional people. This activity, which is intertwined with dust, mud and nature, will increase your adrenaline level.

Nature Photography in Uzungol

If you are wondering, another thing you can do during your trip is nature photography. As you can do individually, you can also participate in photo-taking activities in the form of safari.

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  1. Hi, Is April (last week of April) a good time to visit Uzungol? What is the cheapest way to get there? I heard roads are pretty bad, do you recommend renting a car and driving?

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