Three New Color Options Coming to PlayStation 5!

Three New Color Options Coming to PlayStation 5!

Three new color options have been announced for the PlayStation 5. So which colors will these be? Here are the details!

Sony held its State of Play event the other day. During the event where information about PS5 games and PS VR2 updates were given, a new series created for PlayStation 5 was introduced.

The features and color options of the new series called “Deep Earth Collection” were announced.

3 New Colors!

Deep Earth Collection series includes three new colors for PlayStation 5. The colors for both the console and controller are “Volcanic Red”, “Cobalt Blue” and “Sterling Silver”.

These colors will also be available for DualSense controllers, and players will be able to purchase them as covers. Sony will sell the Deep Earth Collection series as a separate accessory.

Therefore, players will need to disassemble the case parts of their own consoles and install the new colors instead. It was also announced that these colors have been adapted to DualSense.


The new color options created for DualSense will be the same as the color options of PlayStation 5. However, there is a difference; console owners will be able to buy DualSense with the new color options as a whole. In other words, only the case will not be changed as in PlayStation 5.

It was announced that DualSense, which will be on sale with new color options, will be released on October 4. The price of the controller will be 74.99 dollars. The new color options created for PlayStation 5 cases will be available for $59.99 as a cover.

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