The Number Of Users Of Instagram in Turkey Has Exceeded 50 Million

The Number Of Users Of Instagram in Turkey Has Exceeded 50 Million

In this period, where attention spans are shortened and content consumption is increasing, video content has become one of the most used marketing tools for brands. Considering that the total number of Instagram users in Turkey is 52 million, and the number of YouTube users is 57.4 million, it is important to evaluate video content correctly.

With the data updated after the last quarter report of Instagram’s umbrella company Meta, it was seen that the number of monthly active users of Instagram worldwide exceeded 2 billion. While the number of Instagram users in Turkey exceeded 52 million, the number of YouTube users in Turkey reached 57.4 million. The research conducted by Hubspot, which develops software in the field of marketing, sales and customer service, revealed that two out of three users (66%) watch a video to get information about a product or brand.

Ibrahim Kuru

Ibrahim Kuru, the founder of IDRY Digital, who shared that the opinions that video content is an important communication tool for brands are included in the 2023 marketing trends, said, “When we consider that 58% of Turkey is Instagram users, it makes up 67%. YouTube users and both platforms are video-heavy, brands need to consider video content marketing among the priorities of their content strategy. “Brands in Turkey should evaluate the potential of Instagram, YouTube and TikTok,” he said.

38% of marketing videos get less than 10,000 views

Another Hubspot study found that 38% of marketing videos had fewer than 10,000 views, while 16% had an average of 1,000 views. Stating that the first criterion that marketing professionals look at is interactions such as views, likes and comments, İbrahim Kuru said, “Indicators like these give clues about how many people the videos reach. Still, brands need to go this route knowing that it can take time for the consistent video strategy they create to respond to the consumer. Content that serves the purpose, is based on specific reasons, presented to the right target audience, in the right language and tone, can yield remarkable results when supported by qualified advertising campaigns. In addition to being watched, indicators such as how many minutes after the user leaves the video, how the number of subscribers and followers increase after the video is published, should also be followed. As IDRY Digital, we provide end-to-end content development, video production, social media and community management services for YouTube, Instagram and TikTok. In order to shorten the processes of strengthening the social media presence of the brands we work with with video content, we focus on reviewing the strategies with an agile approach by analyzing the real-time impact of each campaign we sign.


“Vertical video era has begun on social media”

Reminding that after the rapid rise of TikTok in many geographies, including Turkey, Instagram opened a separate area for vertical videos with Reels and YouTube with Shorts, IDRY Digital founder İbrahim Kuru concluded his evaluations with the following statements: It has been on the agenda for a while. He said it had dropped to a remarkable level. Some data today show that vertical videos are 13.8 times more visible on Facebook than horizontal videos and gain 90% more reach than static images. Vertical videos offer brand new ways to tell stories about their products and services, powered by a strong foundation. Here, brands need to follow a consistent video content strategy in many channels with strategies specific to user behavior in order to reach the right target audiences.


Ensuring consistency in web design and corporate identity before starting video production is also important in terms of building trust in the user. As IDRY Digital, we provide production and content development services as well as corporate identity and web design services. We also complete the sound design processes that may occur in the video processes in-house. We provide end-to-end support to brands that want to build a strong digital presence on the platforms where consumers spend most of their time today.”

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