The Armed Unmanned Ground Vehicle KAPGAN is Coming!

After the armed unmanned aerial and sea vehicles in the Turkish defense industry, a giant step has been taken in the field of Armed Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UWA). HAVELSAN, affiliated with the Turkish Armed Forces Foundation, announced for the first time its newly developed KAPGAN Armed Unmanned Ground Vehicle (IKA). Moving images of KAPGAN ICA were also shared on social media. It is emphasized that the 30mm KAPGAN ICA, the herald of a new era, will have important effects on the battlefield.

The KAPGAN Armed Unmanned Ground Vehicle (IKA), developed by HAVELSAN with national resources, came to light for the first time. Considered as one of the largest technology companies in Turkey and owned by the Turkish Armed Forces Foundation, HAVELSAN published an animation of KAPGAN IKA on its social media accounts.


According to the information on, HAVELSAN has successfully developed the Medium Class IKA BARKAN and put it into the service of the Turkish Armed Forces, shifting its focus to higher levels. It is known that KAPGAN ICA, which is larger than BARKAN ICA, will be equipped with a higher caliber remote-controlled weapon system.



It is emphasized that the KAPGAN SPG, equipped with a 30-millimeter cannon, will also be highly effective against armored targets. On the other hand, HAVELSAN will be able to perform very different tasks with KAPGAN IKA, which will be included within the scope of the Digital Unity Concept.

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