Bayraktar Tb4 Siha Appeared: Everything About Ghost Siha Bayraktar Tb4

The visuals of the new SİHA model were included in the visuals of the factory that Baykar will establish in Ukraine. All known information about Bayraktar TB4, which will be in the Ghost UAV class, is here…

With the sharing of the images of the UAV factory that Baykar will build in Ukraine, the new Bayraktar model has emerged. In the pictures, we see a previously unintroduced SİHA model. The model in the pictures is estimated to be Bayraktar TB4.

Bayraktar TB4 SİHA

Radar cross-sectional area reduced

The new model, which is expected to be called Bayraktar TB4, is designed in a thin and wide structure compared to previous models. If the scale in the picture is preserved, its wingspan will increase by 4 meters compared to Bayraktar TB2 and it will have a wingspan of 16 meters. The saturation in the middle part of Bayraktar TB2 has been reduced and a flatter physical structure has been achieved. It was aimed to hide the enemy elements on their radar by reducing the radar cross-sectional area. It will be much more difficult to detect Bayraktar TB4 on the radar. It can be hidden against air defense systems. It will move more freely in combat and espionage missions.

Bayraktar TB4 SİHA

Four ammunition stations

While the new AUAV was given the ability to spy, its hunting ability was not waived. We see that there are four ammunition stations as in Bayraktar TB2. It will be able to carry mini smart ammunition such as MAM-L and MAMC produced by Roketsan and L-UMTAS Laser Guided Long Range Anti-Tank Missile. He will be able to easily destroy armored troops.

The Bayraktar TB2 model has a flight time of 27 hours, and the Bayraktar TB3 model has a flight time of 24 hours. Due to the smaller fuel tank in the new model, the flight time is expected to be shorter and a different engine system is expected to be used.

Bayraktar TB4 SİHA

To be produced in Ukraine

The new Bayraktar model will be produced in the factory to be established in Ukraine. President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenski announced that new UAV models will be produced in addition to existing models such as Bayraktar TB2, Akıncı and Kizilelma at the UAV factory to be established in Ukraine. It is stated that the facility will be established on an area of ​​30 thousand square meters and more than 300 Ukrainian engineers will work. In addition to Turkish parts, parts produced in Ukraine will also be used in production.

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