Tesla’s Humanoid Robot Will Be Unveiled on September 30

Tesla is preparing to unveil the working prototype of its humanoid robot at a big event to be held on September 30. Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who gave an interview about the humanoid robot designed to do jobs that could be dangerous or boring for humans, said: he said the robot could be bought in less than 10 years.

Tesla will introduce its humanoid robot called “Tesla Bot” at a big event to be held on September 30.


Designed to perform tasks that can be dangerous or boring to humans, the humanoidrobot Tesla Bot will perform tasks such as kitchen shopping or cleaning the house. Emphasizing that unmanned robots called “Tesla Bot” cannot run as fast as humans and will not be as strong as humans, Tesla CEO Musk said that these robots will not pose a danger to humans.

humanoid robot


At the event to be held on September 30, a working prototype of the humanoidrobot “Tesla Bot” will be on display for the first time. In an interview with China Cyberspace magazine last week, Musk said the Tesla Bot could be purchased in less than a year. ten years.

humanoid robot


Tesla Bot, which will be designed with a length of 1.72 and a weight of 57 kilograms, will be able to run at a speed of 8 km per hour. The robot is equipped with many sensors and technologies found in Tesla cars.

humanoid robot

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