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Student Work Permit in Turkey

Work Permit for Foreign Students

According to the New Law on the İnternational Labor Force, foreign students who are enrolled in formal graduate programs as Master’s or Ph.D program  in a higher education institution in Turkey are able to work and apply for work permit.

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However, foreign students who are enrolled in associate degree or undergraduate programs in Turkey are given the right to work no more than 30 hours a week following the first year of studies.

Work permits granted to the foreign students do not terminate the valid student residence permit and the rights granted by this residence permit. Procedures and principles regarding the employment of foreign students are determined by the Ministry by taking the opinions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and by taking into consideration the principles determined by the Immigration Policies Committee.

In the event that the foreigners who completed their higher education in Turkey apply for a work permit within one year as of their graduation date, the application shall be evaluated in accordance with the principles determined by the International Labour Policy Advisory Board.

Important: Please be informed that foreign students who granted state scholarship in Turkey during the Bachelor degree are not able to get work permit after the graduation even if their type of residence permit has been changed to the short term residence permit.

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  1. Good day,

    I would like to find out if someone holds a residence permit in Turkey to enroll for the Turkish language course, is the person eligible to apply for a work permit within Turkey?

  2. Hi! I am planning to do MBA from Sabanci University as an international student. Its a one year program. Would I be able to get the work permit after completion of MBA?

  3. Merhaba,

    Thank you for this useful information.
    I am a PhD international student , a Turkish Government Scholarship holder and I did not profited from this Turkish grant before. Since I studied BSc. and Master abroad.
    So, I just want to know in which cases my chances of obtaining work permit are higher and is it depending on the kind of job or hiring Organization? For example, some international organisations can offer specific jobs not only for Turkish but at international level. For this kind of job I am I likely to get work permit easily?

    Thanks for your response!
    Best regards.

  4. I am planning to enroll in Master of Construction Engineering and Management at Boğaziçi Üniversitesi at my own cost, it is 31 credits prgoram, 2 years, thought this is no thesis, and I am not sure if this would be considered as associate program.

    However, as I understand from the article, I will be eligible to get work permit if this is a master program, if so, would it be still considered of the legal 5 years duration to get independent work permit.

  5. i have llb degree with 49% . am i eligibal for LLM scholarship in turky. or if I gain workpermit of turky can i get my LLM degree with my job is there any restriction or not ?

  6. Hello, I am a Master’s student with a government scholarship, at the moment I have finished my classes and I am in the process of writing my thesis. I have a job offer and the company is willing to process my work permit, but I would like to know if accepting this offer would lose my scholarship?
    Thank you in advance for you kindly information.

  7. Hi,

    I am currently finishing my Bachelor’s degree and want to get a Work Permit. My residence permit has 2 or 3 months left to expire. Can I get the Permit from Turkey? Or do I have to apply from abroad in my situation?


  8. Hello as a foreign student do we need to get working permit for summer only takes 2 to 3 months?thanks

  9. I am doing my masters in Istanbul as an international student I wanted to ask if i am allowed to work here and if I am then am i allowed full time job or part time? Also can you provide the reference from the law which indicates that masters students are allowed to work here while studying?

  10. Hello,
    I’m doing my masters in Ticaret university in same time i got a job. Now i have student permit. if i apply for working permit my student permit will be expired, or i’ll have the choice to have a student or work permit.

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