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Student Work Permit in Turkey

Work Permit for Foreign Students

According to the New Law on the İnternational Labor Force, foreign students who are enrolled in formal graduate programs as Master’s or Ph.D program  in a higher education institution in Turkey are able to work and apply for work permit.

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However, foreign students who are enrolled in associate degree or undergraduate programs in Turkey are given the right to work no more than 30 hours a week following the first year of studies.

Work permits granted to the foreign students do not terminate the valid student residence permit and the rights granted by this residence permit. Procedures and principles regarding the employment of foreign students are determined by the Ministry by taking the opinions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and by taking into consideration the principles determined by the Immigration Policies Committee.

In the event that the foreigners who completed their higher education in Turkey apply for a work permit within one year as of their graduation date, the application shall be evaluated in accordance with the principles determined by the International Labour Policy Advisory Board.

Important: Please be informed that foreign students who granted state scholarship in Turkey during the Bachelor degree are not able to get work permit after the graduation even if their type of residence permit has been changed to the short term residence permit.

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  1. Hello
    I am a phd student pursuing Economics without scholarship. During my masters time I did MSc in Finance and investment in United Kingdom and MSc in Financial Economics in Turkey. I also pursed TESOL as a qualification for teaching English. I have got a job as English Teacher, in this case will I be eligible to get work permit?
    Thanks in advance

  2. i am thinking of applying in turkey for higher studies i am wondering that the government issues work permit to students or not ?
    if they issue a work permit to master student when should i apply for permit after coming to turkey or before?

  3. I am applying in isik university Istanbul for master in computer science (2 years) . May i ll get 50% off on scholarship . Am i eligible for applying for work permit in Istanbul turkey ? if not so how can i apply for study and work at same time in Istanbul, turkey ?

  4. Hi,

    I am a Mater student and living in Turkey, also working for a company as a ful time employee but they did not issue work permit yet and according to them it will take a year time for them to issue me a work permit. I want to know is this a risky/dangerous situation for me as a master student and working without a work permit?

  5. I want to study MSc. international finance or Economic and Finance in Turkey. Can I apply for working permit immediately after graduation? Iam also a Pharmacist, can I also apply for working permit if I get Pharmacy job? Must I get job after graduation before I can apply for working permit?

  6. Hi, I am an undergraduate international students without any government scholarship. Can I apply for work permit?

  7. Hi

    I got internship through AIESEC program and working at Edirne. AIESEC organizers are saying as I came here as an internee, therefore, it is not required to apply for work permit because I already got residence card.

    I am getting very low salary 2500 Turkish Lira (which is the minimum wage) and working almost full time 40 hours for 6 days a week.

    Kindly guide me further.

    Kindest regards


  8. I am wondering about the citizenship for the case of phd student . As i am want to study phd in Turkey and apply to work as researcher in the university. Does my working during studying(total of 4 years phd+1 year of language=5) allows me to apply for citizenship on the work permit and continues living in turkey all that time

  9. Hi, if I am a fourth-year undergraduate student who has still not graduated, can I get a work permit? From what I know, I am eligible for a part-time work permit which allows me to work up to 20h per week. Pls, let me know if my information is correct.


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