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Strange Behaviors You Can Only See in Turks

We know that every nation has its own unique culture. Turks have their own traditions as well as some strange behaviors. In this article, we have included details that will make you smile.

Not Stepping on the Carpet with Shoes

Turks do not walk around their houses with their shoes. Also, when they go out and realize that they forgot something, that is, when they are going to enter their house for a short time, they take off their shoes and enter like that.

Driving When You See Someone You Know


When Turks see their acquaintances while driving, they drive over their acquaintances to make a joke. The point here is just a joke.

Hitting Non-Working Devices

It is quite easy for Turks to operate electronic devices that do not work for any reason. You will see that the Turk who encounter such a situation first hit the device. In addition, blowing into the device is one of the most common repair methods.

Strange Hand Jokes


You may have understood at the beginning of the article that Turk have a unique sense of humor. Here’s one of those weird pranks. Do not be surprised if you see that body movements that have no place in some cultures are used as a joke in Turks.

Who is the answer to the question


“Who are you?” Asking is one of the traditions of the Turk. However, a Turk who receives this question may answer “I came” instead of saying who he is.

Cleaning the House Before the Housekeeper

Turks are generally known as a clean society and everyone keeps their living space clean. However, in some cases, outside help may be needed to clean the house. In such cases, the owner cleans the house before the person who comes to clean the house arrives. This is a very interesting behavior peculiar to Turk.

Finishing Doner Kebab and Buttermilk at the Same Time

doner kebab

The drink we will drink while eating can be finished before or after the meal. We don’t think much about it, do we? Here the Turks are thinking! It is a Turkish behavior to wrap the ayran, especially while eating doner kebab, at the same time.

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Watching Constructions

Turkish traditions
*Our national sports construction site monitoring area

Yes, you read it right! If the Turks see a building while it is under construction, they quit the job and start watching that construction. Like a movie, like a football game, they can watch that construction for hours

Fight of Accounts

Turks are very hospitable and generous people. Meals are eaten and drinks are drunk in a social environment. When it comes to paying the bill, the Turk are almost competing with each other to pay the bill.

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