What is the Latest on the Impact of Social Media on Children?

What is the Latest on the Impact of Social Media on Children?

The idea that social media has a negative impact on children has been dispelled by a new study. What are the results of the research? Here are the details!

The impact of social media on people, and especially on children, is always a major topic of conversation. According to a new study, especially children’s ability to relate and communicate in life outside the internet is not negatively affected.

It was found that children and young people who are active on social media and use popular apps are also very active and sociable in their social lives. This should alleviate the concerns of parents who think otherwise.

How Does Social Media Affect Children and Young People?

Information was shared about a new study investigating how people who spend a lot of time on social media are in real life. The study, called Trondheim Early Secure Study, includes information from 800 children between the ages of 10 and 18.

The study, the results of which have been published, found that although children use social media frequently, they also physically meet and socialize with their friends on certain days of the week.

Silje Steinsbekk from the Department of Psychology at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology said:

“We find that people who use social media a lot spend more time with their friends offline. Social media is a new space for social interaction, and while some argue that social media use hinders the development of social skills, others argue the opposite, that it can improve social skills. We found no evidence to support either of these.”

Although frequent use of social media does not appear to have a negative impact on children’s friendships, it is important to note that this is not the case for all children.

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