The things to be known about Turkish cuisine

Turkish cuisine, which is national cuisine of Turkey, is a heritage of Ottoman culture. Turkish cuisine is affected by Middle East cuisine and Balkan cuisine, also it affects these cuisines. Turkish cuisine creates one of the remarkable cuisine cultures that varies from region to region, and composed of different cuisine cultures. Every region has its own cuisine cultures such as Black Sea cuisine, East cuisine, Aegean cuisine.

We examined Turkish culture under different titles for you. If you want to live in Turkey, you should have a look at these informations.

The soup                       

The soup ,which is indispensable in Turkish cuisine, is preferred before main dish. There are so many types of soup. Mercimek  soup, tarhana soup, ezogelin soup, ayran aşı soup, analıkızlı soup are the types of soup that are preferred mostly in Turkey. There are numerous types of soup in Turkish cuisine. Vegetables, meats, and legumes are the main ingredients in soup.

İşkembe soup is one of among the most famous soups in Turkey. İşkembe soup, which is especially preferred in nights, reduces the effect of alcohol. Also it prevents alcohol headaches. So, işkembe soup is absolutely preferred after recreation in nights.

Meat dishes

Meat has an indispensable place in Turkish cuisine. Nearly all dishes are made with meat in Southeastern Anatolia cuisine and Eastern Anatolia cuisine. Dishes  with meat are less in Mediterranean cuisine and Aegean cuisine. Meat dishes are composed of kebabs, meatballs, and dishes making with saucepans.

Kebab, pide, lahmacun, yahni and haşlama are made as types of meat dishes. The most preferred type of meat dishes is kebab. Adana kebab and Urfa kebab are the most popular types of kebab. Also, doner kebab ,which is known mostly in world, is the type of meat dishes and it is delicious.

Vegetable dishes

Vegetable dishes are generally found in Mediterranean cuisine and Aegean cuisine. Dolma, sarma, türlü and zeytinyağlı are the most preferred vegetable dishes in Turkish cuisine.

Vegetable dishes are made with meat in some regions. For example, yaprak sarması can be made with olive oil, also it can be made with meat. It has a huge place in Turkish cuisine.


Mantı, börek, etli ekmek, lahmacun and pide are considered as pastrys in Turkish cuisine. Endemically, pastrys are rich types of dishes. They are prepared with many different methods such as cooking in bakery or frying, and it offers so many varieties.

Drinkings in Turkish cuisine

Each cuisine has its own drinking culture. There are fizzy drinks and fruit juices, which are found in every part of world, are main drinks. Also there are drinks that are special to Turkish culture. Ayran, which is made by making watery yogurt, is a drink that is special to Turkish cuisine. Kefir, şerbet, şalgam and turşu suyu are also among the most preferred drinks.

Brewed tea and Turkish coffee can be said among hot drinks.


We can see the desserts mostly in Turkish culture. It is known that Turkish cuisine has so many types of desserts. As desserts with leaven; lokma, kadayıf, baklava and as milk puddings; keşkül, sütlaç, muhallebi, kazandibi, hoşaf, komposto, helva and a lot more are indispensable desserts in Turkish cuisine. The best known dessert in Turkish cuisine is baklava that is produced in many types and tastes. Baklava is prepared by splahing walnuts and peanuts on, and it is a dessert with sherbet. Baklava is among traditional Turkish flavours, and it holds its own in literature as Turkish flavours.

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