What is Feminine Energy: How to Amplify Feminine Energy?

Knowing and increasing the masculine and feminine energy allows you to live a balanced life and be happier.

Whether we are born male or female, each of us has both feminine and masculine energy inside us. This energy largely determines how we feel because the ratio of these two energies completely affects our mood. So, what is femininenergy? How to raise the feminineenergy? How to balance masculine feminine energy? Here’s what you need to know about raising femininenergy and getting in touch with your feminine side.

What is Feminine Energy?

Femininenergy is a reflection of intuition and emotions. Feminie energy is dominated by forgiveness and tolerance, a holistic understanding. Feminin energy is more passive than masculine energy. In this respect, it can easily adapt. The feminine energy, which largely affects the right brain, represents the creative side of the human being and is the source of art, aesthetics and passions. The feminin energy, the wisest and deepest part of the human being, watches and observes. When the feminin energy is released, love is also released. However, when the feminine energy is suppressed, it can create chaos in your self. So, how to raise the feminine energy? Fighting against things, being hardened strengthens the masculine energy in women, but weakens the feminine energy over time. However, loving, producing and being tolerant increases femininenergy. On the other hand, rejecting sexual impulses weakens the feminine energy. To increase the feminine energy, always remember this energy and remind your inner world. Turn towards your inner world, which is your center, and accept the beautiful energies that come in.

Feminine Energy Characteristics

  • While masculine energy is activating, feminine energy is more passive.
  • It represents the free side of the human being.
  • Usually listens to intuition.
  • Likes to observe and watch.
  • It manifests with the power of intention.
  • It nurtures and is nourished by celebration, enthusiasm, joy.
  • There is a holistic realization and observation in feminine energy.
  • It is love-oriented. Therefore, it makes compassionate decisions in every situation.
  • It accepts life as it is, in its natural flow.
  • It is the source of art, aesthetics, passion and creativity.
  • It is a reflection of intuition and emotions. Therefore, forgiveness and tolerance prevail in feminine energy.
  • It represents and influences the right brain. In this respect, feminine nergy is the creative aspect of human beings.
  • It is present in the inner world of both women and men and guides people.

How to Raise Feminine Energy?

Prepare to embark on an inner journey. In the modern way of life, people are so busy that they rarely take the time to listen to and understand what is going on within. Over time, this leads to a fragmentation of the inner world and a gradual loss of the deeper self. This is why it is necessary to regularly turn towards and listen to the inner world. For this, you can start therapy and explore the depths of your inner world to unlock the feminine energy.

Nature walks also allow the feminineenergy in your self to be revealed. You can go on nature walks when you need to revitalize. You should unleash your feminineenergy when you are out of sync. For this, you can turn to activities that encourage you to be creative, such as dance, writing, painting. The masculine feminineenergy is hidden in our emotional selves, but we may not have learned how to understand our emotions. You can do this by listening to your inner world and increasing your emotional intelligence. When you make sense of your emotions, you will feel the masculine feminineenergy as a whole and when you achieve this balance, you will experience a great improvement in many areas of your life.

Feminine Energy

Feminine Energy Meditation

In today’s world, there is an imbalance of feminine and masculine energy. This energy imbalance is more intense in women who try to juggle many responsibilities at the same time. However, in order to live a fulfilling life, feminine and masculine energy must be balanced. When feminine and masculine energy is balanced, a person becomes peaceful, healthy, harmonious and happy in their inner world. Women who know how to balance masculine and feminineenergy radiate feminineenergy and gain a natural attraction with their compassionate, tolerant and loving qualities rather than their physical characteristics.

Feminine Energy

Femininenergy meditation and femininenergy affirmations are essential to experience feminine and masculine energy awareness. In line with these meditations and affirmations, studies such as facing feminine energy in general, cleansing from fears that diminish feminineenergy, raising feminineEnergy and revitalizing feminin energy can be done. Feminin energy meditation aims to increase the joy of being a woman. It does this by first teaching women to love their body and inner world. Negative emotions in our inner world overshadow our femininenature and over time our femininEenergy is lost. However, as you begin to love yourself from the inside out, you begin to shine with the power of acceptance. If you want to balance your inner world and wonder “How to balance masculine feminineenergy?” you can join meditation groups on this subject. You can also meditate on your own when you are in conflict with your inner world. This meditation can be summarized as follows:

Feminine Energy
  • Take a comfortable position and place your hand on the area just below the belly button.
  • Let all positive and negative thoughts flow. Just listen quietly to the silence of the womb. You will find the most powerful guidance there.
  • Let go of your bodily imperfections or the worries of the world you are in.
  • Let go of your need for people to approve of you in order to do things and love yourself. Turn to your center, your womb.
  • Talk to your inner world, make it feel how precious it is to you. Take care of it routinely.
  • Love the body that gave birth to human beings and experience the power of having this body. You will witness an instant change and healing of your world and the energy you radiate and you will love this new state.
Feminine Energy

Colors that Highlight Feminine Energy!


The color purple represents spiritual depth and intuition. By choosing purple, you can reveal the spiritual power of feminine energy. Purple also represents creativity and endless imagination.


The color green reflects nature. Green color has a healing and nourishing power. Green color is also among the colors that increase feminine energy. It represents balance, freshness and newness. You can increase femininenergy by choosing green color in your clothes or the accessories you use.


When we think of the color white, purity and cleanliness come to mind first. White is among thefeminine energy colors as it is associated with purity and light. It also represents calmness and peace.


A highly energetic and vibrant color, turun represents mobility. It expresses the exuberant and vibrant aspect of feminine energy. It is also associated with passion, joy and enthusiasm.


The color blue can be used to bring out inner peace. Blue and its shades are associated with the calm and understanding aspect of the subtle energy. Blue is also associated with inner wisdom, serenity and deep emotional connections.

Feminine Energy

You can witness some improvements in your life by increasing your feminineenergy, which you must discover. To do this, routinely take a short break from life’s challenges and balance thefeminine masculine energy within you.

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