Stationary Wind Turbine Produces 50% More Energy Compared to the Sun

The new stationary wind turbine could be the solution we’ve been looking for to spread small-scale wind power to the general public. The durable device, which requires very little maintenance, generates electricity close to solar panels.

Although distributed small wind turbines were shown to come in time, they could not become widespread. Because the noise produced by the rotating blades, the maintenance costs and the expense of the rapidly wearing system were often not worth the amount of electricity it produced. Therefore, it has been understood that the issue that is more important than the electricity generation performance in small turbines is the maintenance-free operation for long periods.

This is where Aeromine has come a long way in keeping it from breaking down with very few moving parts. Its only moving part is the part that looks like ventilation fans under it and the rotating generator connected to it. Since this fan will operate under a lower load than the long-lasting ventilation fans currently used in buildings, it is certain to be very reliable.

The principle of operation is to increase the speed of the incoming wind by compressing it between the two blades, and therefore, the low pressure formed is based on the delivery of the air coming from another source through the small holes in the blades. The speed of the air coming from this source rotates the 90 cm fan and generates electricity by running the generator.

It has a power generation of 5 kW per turbine and is only one story high. In addition to producing electricity similar to or cheaper than the sun, its main benefit is that it complements the sun due to the fact that the wind blows more in the winter and nights when there is no sun. Thanks to this feature, only solar panels placed on the facade of the building where there is no turbine can continue to generate electricity for the building.

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