Philips Sound’s New Headphones for Every Occasion

Philips Sound’s New Headphones for Every Occasion

Philips Sound introduced its new headphone for all occasions. Here are the headphones and their features!

As one of the experienced names in the audio industry, Philips is getting ready to meet with users with the new models it has incorporated. Produced in cooperation with Fidelio and Kokoon, the new members of the Go Sports series, the sleep headset is among the headphones that the company is preparing to launch in the near future.

Fidelio L4 for those looking for sound performance, Go Sports for those who want to be comfortable while doing sports, and N7808 sleep headphones for those who are sensitive to sound… Here are Philips Sound headphones and their features!

Philips Sound's New Headphones

Philips Sound Series New Headphones

  • Fidelio L4
  • Fidelio T2
  • Go to Sport A5508 and A5608
  • N7808 Sleep Headset
  • Fidelio L4

Fidelio L4, with its high sound performance, has a longer battery life than previous models. Standing out with its active noise canceling feature, the headset offers an uninterrupted wireless headset experience with the latest version, Bluetooth 5.3.

The product, which can be used with both 3.5 mm jack cable and USB-C, provides convenience for those who have cable and input problems. Fidelio L4, which promises an extra 5 hours of use with a total of 50 hours of playtime and 15 minutes of fast charging, also has Google Assistant support.

Fidelio T2

Fidelo T2, which stands out as a strong choice for those looking for in-ear headphones, provides both durability and ergonomics with its 20% smaller structure and 9.2 mm graphene-coated bidirectional design.

Philips Sound's New Headphones

The headset, which promises 27 hours of playtime with its charging box, has IPX4 water and dust resistance certification. Provided for those looking for high sound quality, Bluetooth 5.3 with LE audio and LC3 codec expands the true wireless headphone experience.

Go to Sport A5508 and A5608

The new members of the Go Sports family, the A5508 and A5608, which are specially designed for those with an active sports life, combine high-level sound quality and various side features. The LED headlight on the neckband of the A5608 model makes it possible to do sports in dark weather.

On the other hand, the A5508, which has an 8 mm graphene-coated driver for high-level sound quality, also comes with active noise canceling feature. Both models have IPX5 water and dust resistance certification. The A5508 offers 21 hours of playtime with active noise canceling turned on, while the A5608 offers a total of six hours of playtime.

Philips Sound's New Headphones

N7808 Sleep Headset

As a result of the collaboration with the sleep scientist Kokoon company, the Philips N7808 sleep headphones are extremely useful for those who are sensitive to sound. The headset, which automatically reduces the sound with the help of sensors inside, helps users to have a good sleep.

In addition, the fact that the electronic parts of the headset are located away from the headphone part prevents users from being uncomfortable while lying down. The N7808 sleep headset has a 10-hour battery life.

Philips Sound’s New Headphones for Every Occasion

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