Nikola Tesla’s ‘Death Ray’; Teleforce!

The ‘death ray’ that Tesla claimed to have invented and hoped to end the war forever is still the subject of theories today. So what is Tesla’s death ray that could do great harm to the masses? What consequences could it cause?

Although Nikola Tesla is known today as the inventor of alternating current, he has worked on many interesting inventions throughout his life. The “death ray”, which Tesla said to have invented and seen as a great power, is one of the most striking among his works.

Tesla continued his claims about this so-called invention, which he called ‘Teleforce’, until the day he died. So is there really a death ray? What exactly is the death ray that, according to Tesla’s claims, can bring down a plane from miles away with no trace of an attack? Let’s see together.

What is Tesla’s death ray?

Between 1920 and 1930, Nikola Tesla, Guglielmo Marconi, Edwin R. Scott and many important inventors made a big claim. The inventors claimed that they were aiming to end the war forever with the death ray they found and to intimidate the armies. However, that was not the case. All armies, who heard the power of the death ray or “teleforce” in Tesla’s words, started to work to produce this weapon. Many even tried to bring the death ray to life using Tesla’s sketches because it was such a powerful force no matter who got it. Death ray; It was referred to as an electromagnetic weapon that directs particle beams to a single point. This meant it could wreak havoc and even crash planes hundreds of meters away.

There is no evidence that Tesla actually invented this weapon, which this person could use without realizing it, but it is known that the FBI seized Tesla’s work after his death. Many countries, especially Japan and Germany, spent billions of dollars to produce this weapon, but it was not possible to produce the weapon. Tesla said, “This invention of mine does not use the so-called ‘death rays’. Rays are not viable because they cannot be produced in the required quantities and their intensity decreases rapidly with distance,” he said. These words of Tesla actually proved that the efforts of scientists to use the death ray were a futile effort.

Alternative ideas were put forward when Tesla’s death ray could not be produced

After Tesla abandoned the death ray project, which could spread disease and even kill these masses, new alternative ideas were put forward. The first of these ideas was to send microwave beams to a point over a long period of time. Although they managed to kill a caged rabbit in 10 minutes with microwave rays from meters away, it was accepted that concentrating the rays on the same spot for a long time was an unnecessary effort.

Many examples of humanity’s efforts to justify Tesla, such as laser weapons and sonic weapons that repeat the same sound over and over, were invented after Tesla’s death. Although sonic weapons are currently used by the American police to prevent conflicts in society, it was not possible to develop a weapon exactly like Tesla’s death ray.

But what happens if a weapon similar to Tesla’s death ray is used?

When a death ray or similar weapon is used, these people can have minor symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, tinnitus, but also major consequences such as vomiting blood, tremors, fainting, and the death of many people. Although there is no proven case that the death ray was invented, it is claimed that the disease called Havana syndrome may have been spread by a similar weapon. It first emerged when a diplomat from the American Embassy, which was opened in Havana, the capital of Cuba, with the improvement of relations between the United States and Cuba, contracted a strange disease in 2015.

After a while, the disease, which appeared with symptoms of tinnitus, tremors, vomiting blood, confusion, weakness and nausea, spread all over the world. Although the possibility of a possible attack by Cuba was emphasized as the relations between Cuba and the United States were just starting to improve, the accusations against Cuba decreased after similar symptoms appeared in the Cuban people. Whether it was an electromagnetic weapon that caused Havana syndrome has never been fully determined. Although their symptoms push us to bad scenarios, as a result of long studies, scientists announced that many of the patients showed signs of ‘mass hysteria’.

Although most of the patients showed signs of mass hysteria despite all the research, it was seen that a minority group did not fit this definition. For this reason, the reason why Havana syndrome occurs and what causes the disease have still not been determined.

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