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Is Same-Sex (Homosexual) Marriage Legal in Turkey?

Is same-sex (homosexual) marriage legal in Turkey? How does Turkey view homosexual relations? How often are pride parades held?

While the Republic of Turkey does not recognize any same-sex (homosexual) partnership, it does not recognize marriages made outside the country or similar types of unions. In other words, same-sex (homosexual) marriages made in a different country are not considered valid in Turkey.

Turkish Civil Code article 134 Men and women who are going to marry each other apply together to the marriage office where one of them resides.

The marriage officer, the mayor where the municipality is located, or the officer to be assigned with this task is the headman in the villages. It restricts marriage between men and women.

Who Supports Same-Sex (Homosexual) Marriage?

As the laws were about to change in Turkey, some opposition parties proposed legalizing same-sex (homosexual) marriage, but this proposal was rejected. However, in a survey on the approach to homosexuality in Turkey, 3.6% of the respondents stated that they support same-sex (homosexual) marriage.

Homosexuality Culture in Turkey

In June 2003, the first LGBT Pride Parade in Istanbul was held by Lambdaistanbul as the Istanbul Pride Parade. The march, called the Istanbul Pride Parade, is held on the last day of Pride Week, which lasts for a week. Artists and politicians join the march, which is traditionally organized every year, as well as LGBT people. There are also gay bars and gay-friendly businesses for the LGBT community in Turkey. One of the oldest gay bars in Istanbul, Tekyon is one of the oldest known bars. In addition, the social network Gabile is widely used among Turkish LGBT people.

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Is Homophobia Common in Turkey?

Homophobia in Turkey is as common as many studies show. A project led by the Pew Research Center in the spring of 2007 said, “Which of these is closer to their views? Number 1 – Homosexuality is a lifestyle that should be accepted by society. OR Number 2 – Homosexuality is a lifestyle that should not be accepted by society.” 14% chose number 1 and 57% chose number 2. (29% did not answer the question). Number 2 (66% chose number 2 in 2002) and fewer people (12%) did not answer the question in 2002.

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What’s the Situation in 2022?

By 2022, it is possible to say that homophobia is widespread in a large part of the society. Anti-gay marches and demonstrations are held these days. Various criticisms are made by homophobic groups on social media. Homosexuality, which is recognized by many countries, is not yet recognized in Turkey. It can be said that homosexuals in Turkey are exposed to various types of bullying.

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Gays Get Together

Despite all the negativities experienced, homosexuals and LGBT activists come together and struggle. There are many associations and organizations that fight for the rights and lives of gay people.

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  1. I am a gay person. LGBT people in Turkey are quietly tolerated as long as they stay “hidden”. Turkey is slowly becoming more tolerant of LGBT people, but not at the same acceptance speed as other countries. Same-sex couples are not legally recognised by the government. No laws exist yet in Turkey that protect LGBT people from discrimination in employment, education, housing, health care, public accommodations or credit.

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