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Are you ready to be surprised? Here Are Turkish Celebrities Who Changed Sex/Transgender

Although it is very normal and natural to change gender, it is not easy for those who want to change their gender in Turkey. We can say that homosexuals are sometimes subjected to various kinds of bullying in Turkey, where same-sex marriages are prohibited. Despite this, a significant number of homosexuals live in Turkey. The number of transgender people is also quite high. There are even trans celebrities. In this content, we have included the famous names who changed gender in Turkey.


Ahmet Melih Yilmaz

Yilmaz, who does not hide that he has changed gender, revealed his change with his social media posts. The actress, who lives in Akara, does not neglect to share new frames from her Instagram account. The latest version of the actor was talked about for a long time on the agenda of the magazine today.

Ahmet Melih Yilmaz


Selin Cigerci, who had sex reassignment surgery and married and later divorced Gokhan Cira, works on beauty. Selin Cigerci, who launched her own brand and is a popular name, is very popular.

Selin Cigerci


Nil Erkoclar, whom we started to see on the screens as Nil Erkoclar, had a gender reassignment surgery and started a happy family with Tugba Erkoclar. Her name came up frequently when she changed gender.

Rüzgar Erkoclar


One year after Ruzgar Erkoclar changed gender, his older sister Melek Erkoclar had a sex reassignment surgery and named him Gorkem Batu.

Gorkem Batu Erkoclar (Melek Erkoclar)


Perhaps the most well-known name on this list is Bulent Ersoy. Bulent Ersoy had surgery in London in 1981 and changed his gender. Ersoy was away from the stage for 8 years because gender change was not recognized in Turkey at that time. The famous artist did not change his name after changing his gender.



Neslihan Dogrusoz, who became famous for her ‘My Style’ program, had a sex reassignment surgery. The famous name, who made his name Doruk after changing gender, even made a marriage proposal. However, her love ended in separation.

Neslihan Dogrusoz

Some of the transgender celebrities are:

  • Beren Guney
  • Aybike Esin Tumluer
  • Ayta Sozeri
  • Devran Caglar

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