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Togg T10X’s New Update Released: Face Recognition System and More!

Togg T10X’s New Update Released: Face Recognition System and More!

Domestic car Togg owners have received a new software update. Here are all the features that come with the update!

Togg, Turkey’s domestic automobile, has gained a number of new and important features, especially the face recognition system, with the new software update it has received.

According to the statement made by Togg, the T10X model gained brand new features through the new software 1.4.0 installed remotely. With the update sent to more than 23 thousand Togg drivers across Turkey, the facial recognition system can now be used instead of the manual pin system.

With the 1.4.0 update, Togg has a brand new interface design and applications can now be used in full screen. At the same time, drivers will be able to choose different color themes.

Features with Togg 1.4.0 Software Update

Face Recognition Login

You no longer need to enter a password to log in to your Tru.ID profile on T10X. With face recognition, your device recognizes you and your profile settings are automatically loaded each time you log in.

New Interface and Full Screen App Display

With T10X’s new interface, you can view all applications full screen and enrich your experience with the largest end-to-end infotainment display in its class.

New Color Themes

With the background color change feature offered on T10X displays, you can choose your profile-specific color and personalize your displays.

Smart Device Profile Personalization

You can create 4 different user profiles on your T10X. This way, whichever profile is logged into the device, the personalized preferences of that profile are loaded on the screen. Thus, your T10X remembers the personalizations used on the home screen for each user profile, such as application layout, mirror setting, seat position and favorite radio frequencies.

Enriched Circular Control

The shortcut menu has been expanded with new functions. Now you can easily access six different features you may need while driving using the circular control.

Smart Appliance Climate Planner

Meet the T10X climate planner. In parallel with the day and time-based planning you make before you board your device, the air conditioning conditions inside the device are automatically applied.

My Trumore Smart Device

Now you have all the essential information about your smart device at your fingertips. The “My Smart Device” tab in the Trumore app gives you instant access to all the T10X’s current information, including range and battery status, ambient temperature, device location, tire pressures and total mileage.

T10X Ground Imaging Technology

Taking driving and parking safety to the next level, your T10X can now also detect the ground it’s on with the transparency feature.

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